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True Blood

3 Reasons Why True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse Would Be a Good Dad

Jason Stackhouse is a lot of things (great with a paintball gun, for starters), but he's slightly lacking in direction.

This beefcake spent most of True Blood's first season sipping on vampire blood and banging ladies, and then dedicated his life to being "the worst policeman ever" after that whole Christian fundamentalist thing didn't work out.

So what should Jason try his handsome hand at next? Being a dad! Call us crazy, but Jason is a natural-born Father of the Year (well, that and a professional arm-wrestler), so check out three reasons he'd make a great pops:

1. He's a Family Man!

Jason and Sookie's parents died when they were just little hillbillies, and he's taken care of her ever since. Sure, Gran technically raised the Sookster, but lord knows without Jason's watchful eye, Sook would have wandered around Bon Temps in just a thong and Keds.

2. He's a Caregiver by Nature!

Jason's obsession with being town sheriff stems from his need to parent. He makes sure the Bon Temps local yokels wear their their sunscreen (Jessica), don't do drugs (Andy), and dress appropriately (Sookie). Next thing we know he'll take Bill to his very fist baseball game!

3. He's Already a Ghost Daddy!

Jason tugged at our heart strings when he reluctantly took the inbred cat-people of Hot Shot under his bicep, and we're pretty sure he fathered at least a handful of ghost kittens while he was tied to that bed. In fact, can anyone really prove that Arlene's devil baby isn't secretly Jason's spawn? Didn't think so.

It's obvious that Jason has the skills needed to kinda-sorta take care of an infant, and there's no denying that it would make a great plot twist next season!

The real question? Who should be Jason's baby mama? Before you suggest Sookie, keep in mind that incest is only legal in Hot Shot.

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