Bachelor 16 Women Tell All Teaser: The Bachelorettes Are “Not Buying” Courtney Robertson’s Apology
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16 Women Tell All Teaser: The Bachelorettes Are “Not Buying” Courtney Robertson’s Apology

Get ready for a Flajnik flak attack on The Bachelor Season 16’s The Women Tell All special. Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his favorite brunette, Courtney Robertson, will be square in the line of fire as the eliminated bachelorettes take turns demanding as much extra TV time as they can get answers on Monday, March 5.

Chris Harrison has a ringside seat for these WTA specials, but this one has been revealed to be an especially rough round. So how was the view from his hosting chair? An “on the mend” Chris gave TV Guide some preview scoop.

“The big question is if anybody is buying [Courtney’s Episode 9 apology],” Chris said. “She's trying to do some serious damage control and fix this, and this is something we'll continue to talk about at the Women Tell All.”

And while everyone is wondering if Ben’s frontrunner can “even make this right?,” Chris continued with an interesting question to everyone who isn’t Courtney: If you can’t accept her apology, “are you not any better than Courtney is? I think she's doing everything she can to fix it, but it's up to Ben and the people watching to see if they buy it, and right now public opinion is still not buying it.”

Normally Courtney wouldn’t be part of the WTA, since the final two contestants usually reserve their comments for the After the Final Rose special, which airs directly after the finale. But Chris said “Next week is a lot about Courtney,” so they invited her in to respond to the angry women themselves.

“The women continue with the pack mentality that they're not buying it,” Chris said, “so we take some lengths to fix that and try and see if we can resolve it. We also go back over some great characters because you forget that Courtney wasn't that big of a deal for the first half of the show.” Those great characters include Blakeley [Shea], who was briefly the villain before Court, Jenna [Burke], Jennifer [Fritsch], Casey [Shteamer] and more.

Ben’s dismissal of Casey, who was revealed to still be in love with her ex, Chris says, “had been weighing on him considerably. He felt like he had handled that poorly. [re-watch that moment here] The women were definitely harsh on him. They were in a mood and they were feisty and ready to go, so he caught his fair share of flak.”

The ladies of Season 16 were in a mood? That’s so out of character for them. So the Women Tell All will be what we expected: lots of deflected blame with very little personal responsibility from the other ladies who were also mean. (Have we already forgotten how they treated Shawntel “Who IS she?!” Newton?)

Read Chris’ full TV Guide interview here.

Source: TV Guide

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03.5.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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