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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 3: Khloe Kardashian Gets Cuffed

Tonight’s Khloe & Lamar is all about fun, games, and... socks! We start the evening with Malika, Rob, Khloe, and Lamar enjoying a meal, when Rob makes a big announcement: After his successful stint on Dancing With the Stars, he wants to keep the good feelings going by working on his own business. Unlike his mega A-Lister sibs, Rob is still basically jobless. So, what’s a guy to do? Rob’s got his heart set on making his own sock business. But not just any socks — we’re talking luxury socks. Kardashian-style socks, if you will.

And the tables have turned! As you may recall, sock man Rob spent the summer as a free-loading house guest, but now it’s his hoop star brother-in-law Lamar who is out of work thanks to the NBA lockout. Luckily, Lamar isn’t totally jobless since he’s still a reality star — you know, on the side — so he has celebrity-related stuff like photo shoots to keep him occupied.

Decked out, Lamar heads to his shoot, but before he even gets through hair and makeup (do guys go through hair and makeup?), Khloe calls to check up on him. OCD much? And not only does she want to know if he made it there okay (he did), she also wants to make sure the people at the shoot FEED him. “If he doesn’t eat he’ll just be cranky,” she says, like he’s a child. OMG, embarrassing! When he gets home, he tells Khloe how it is, much to her dismay: “I’m a grown ass man,” he says. Yeah!

Meanwhile, Rob’s ‘sockin it’ to his sock business. Before anyone could blink, the suddenly serious Kardashian bro booked a meeting with hotshot suit manufacturer/his buddy Nicolas Bijan to learn the tricks of the retail trade, and while we’re still laughing at the idea of an entire empire built on “luxe socks,” Rob’s friend is totally supportive. Whodathunk?

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Unfortch, he might be the only one. Turns out, Rob’s own flesh and blood mocks his sock idea while the twosome are attending a boxing class. Khloe questions his motives, since he’s also tried to launch a DJ group and a line of skin care products in recent months. “That’s kind of... random,” she says of the sock idea. (And seriously, is she really the first one to tell him this? Really?..) Clearly not one to ruffle a Kardashian’s feathers, their boxing instructor simply says: “You gotta look at it this way: Everyone wears socks.” Guy’s got a point.

But poor Rob: When he and his upper-crust, scarf-sporting bestie grab lunch, the baby KDash explains how hurt he is that Khloe doesn’t support him. Sad face!

It’s not just Rob who’s upset with the controversial KDash. Khloe’s seriously irking everyone this episode, but Lamar is about to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. While the brazen brunette is nomming on some lunch with Malika, Lamar comes in the room and nonchalantly handcuffs himself to her. We guess we see where he’s coming from: Because of all her babying, he feels chained to her, so now he wants her to know how it feels to literally be stuck together. Needless to say, the tell-it-like-it-is Kardashian is not amused by his antics — but you best believe she’s going to play along and try to turn it around on him somehow!

To make matters worse, Lamar pulled the cuff trick hours before an important business meeting for their fragrance, Unbreakable. This means the twosome not only have to finangle themselves in and out of their vehicle in cuffs, but also accompany each other to do their business. You know, that kind. Luckily, Khlomar’s biz buddies find the whole thing rather amusing. (Their fragrance is called Unbreakable after all. Get it?) Still, Khloe manages to piss Lamar off by taking charge at the meeting and not letting him get a word in. Like he’s a — you know — baby. Not good!

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Meanwhile, Nic’s “pep talk” really hit home for Rob and he decides to put together a professional portfolio for the sock business. We’re proud! Khloe’s bestie Malika lends her body to this experiment and sports a pair of multi-colored socks — and not much else.

Back at Khlomar’s house after the meeting, Lam Lam makes it known he was NOT amused by his wife’s overbearingness over dinner and leaves the house (after he uncuffs them, of course). When she calls to apologize, he admits she doesn’t exactly “baby” him but she does do a good job of taking care of him. Aw! Still, when comes home, he playfully tackles his ladylove to the bed — just to show her he’s still the man in this relationship!

And all ends well with Rob and Khloe, too. The next day, the power siblings are riding in the car when the reality broseph gets a business phone call about the sock line. Khloe seems super impressed he pulled off the photo shoot and tells him she’s really proud and thinks it will succeed. Of course, the funny girl isn’t serious for long. “Did you just do the photo shoot to see Malika’s tits?” she asks. Oh, Khlo! (Really though, we wouldn’t put him past him. Just sayin.)

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