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Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Juicy Details on August, New Patients, and Breaking the Queen’s Curse

Caution! Once Upon a Time Spoilers From PaleyFest 2012 Below... Read at Your Own Risk

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Juicy Details on August, New Patients, and Breaking the Queen’s Curse
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PaleyFest turned into scoop-a-palooza when ABC fairytale drama Once Upon a Time took the Saban Theater stage at PaleyFest on Sunday, March 4, 2012.

Wetpaint Entertainment was there to get you all the juicy show spoilers, teasers, and shockers from upcoming OUaT episodes straight from the mouths of creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, along with the actors of the show.

How can the Queen's curse be broken? We may already have the answer.

When asked if pieces of that puzzle will soon be revealed, Horowitz can’t help but drop a bomb. "Well perhaps we already have!" he announces. And Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White/Mary Margaret) knows what the curse breaker is. "Once they told me I kind of felt like a dumb-dumb because it makes perfect sense."

You won't get satisfaction in the David (Josh Dallas)/Mary Margaret storyline — yet.

That would be too easy, and the latest obstacle in this epic love story is David being accused of his wife’s disappearance. "Yeah, it certainly puts David in a place where he feels very guilty and very responsible," says Josh Dallas. "It's an obstacle, but they're in love and there is an unexplainable attraction that is so strong and will always keep them together in some way."

Archie's couch is about to get some new visitors.

"We have some new patients with Prince Charming and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlisle)!" reveals Raphael Sbarge. But it's the Prince's alter-ego, David, who's the one looking for help. "David’s got problems," said Dallas. "He’s got a lot of things he's trying to figure out. He was in a coma for 28 years… he's trying to figure out why he doesn't love [his wife] the way he used to, the way he's suppose to, and his feelings for Mary Margaret." And in fairytale land, Archie's alter-ego, Jiminy Cricket, is in for some drama. "Jiminy will be leading an intervention — we just can't tell you who it's for!" teases Kitsis.

Who is this mysterious August (Eion Bailey)?

By the end of the season, he may not be such a closed book. "Before we get to the finale we'll be pretty clear on who he is, what he’s doing, why he wants to do it and so on," says Horowitz.

Snow and the Evil Queen weren’t always enemies.

This season will address what happened between the mother and step-daughter to turn then into mortal enemies, as well as shed some light on the Evil Queen's own mother, who will be played by Barbara Hershey and appear in Episode 18. As for the Evil Queen’s frenemy, Maleficent the producers tease a return for True Blood's Kristin Bauer. "I think it would be disappointing if we never saw her again," says Kitsis. Hear hear!

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