Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap of Season 4, Episode 16: Home, Crazy, Home
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap of Season 4, Episode 16: Home, Crazy, Home

It's time for our weekly dose of insanity — here's what went down on Season 4, Episode 15 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's do this!

Bye-Bye, Africa

They laughed, they cried, they called each other ugly... but their life-changing journey has come to an end. They arrived divided, and bonded briefly, but as NeNe Leakes points out, they leave divided once again, two separate groups of friends.

Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss discuss the events that took place during their last dinner in Africa and Kandi is not happy with the way Sheree Whitfield threw her under the bus. Cynthia agrees that there was no reason for Sheree to blab to Kim Zolciak that anyone was talking about her behind her back.

Meanwhile, Marlo is busy packing, or rather busy watching her handmaiden pack for her (including individually wrapping her 29 pairs of heels... that's 58 shoes), while she lounges in bed, spooning some sort of frozen beverage into her mouth. Looks like we jumped the gun on our Top 5 Most Ridiculous Marlo Hampton Moments.

Good Help is So Hard To Find

Back in Atlanta, Kim Zolciak is struggling to find a nanny for Kroy Jr., while Sweetie is out by the pool sunbathing. Kim is not amused. In the end, Sweetie manages to come up with a solution when she points out that Pincha, one of Kim's two housekeepers, can be the nanny. Voila!

But now will she have to find a second housekeeper to replace Pincha?

The Same Mistakes Twice

Over at Cynthia's house, Noelle is treated to two souvenirs from her mom's trip while Peter gets nothing. Oops, she forgot about her husband. Peter, on the other hand, is planning a one-year anniversary party for them. They might as well celebrate their anniversary by throwing yet another lavish affair they can't afford.

In other news, NeNe's oldest, Bryson, got arrested again, this time for stealing razors from Walmart. On the bright side, that's not quite as dumb as his last arrest, attempting to visit a friend in jail with a pocketful of weed.

Since her tough love approach — buying him a new car — didn't quite work, NeNe decides to let Bryson sit in jail this time. Her plan is to give him a 30-day lesson, but Peter convinces her to bail him out after five days. Seriously, letting your son rot in jail is a bit harsh.

The Smalls' Big Luncheon

Kim hosts a little lunch for the Smalls to show off her new home, introduce K.J., and confront Kandi about the infamous "black babies" comment.

Sheree is first to arrive and she sets the stage for the impending drama, reminding Kim of exactly what Kandi said and pretty much implying that she thinks Kandi is a bad friend.

After some polite small talk and an awkward silence, Kim straight up asks Kandi what she said. It's only a matter of minutes before Kandi and Sheree are "Are you kidding me!" each other, while Phaedra Parks concentrates on her red velvet cupcake.

In the end, Kandi insists that she doesn't think Kim is racist and that she never said anything about black babies, but she also admits that she doesn't think that Kim would have gone to South Africa or to an orphanage, regardless of what color the babies are. And she's super pissed at Sheree for making all of this nonsense possible in the first place.

In other words, looks like Kandi killed two friendships with one stone.

Does this mean the Smalls are breaking up? And, if so, does that make Sheree and Kim the Mediums?