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The Bachelor

Reality Steve’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers for The Bachelor Season 16 — Who Goes Home When?

Now that The Bachelor Season 16 premiere has come and gone, what happens next? Spoiler King Reality Steve spoiled the ending of Ben Flajnik’s love journey a little while ago, but here are the episode-by-episode spoilers from Steve.


(via Reality Steve):

Episode 2: Sonoma, CA
1-on-1: Kacie Boguskie
1-on-1: Courtney Robertson
Group date: “12 of the women audition for a play put on by children.”
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jenna Burke and Shawn Reynolds

Episode 3: San Francisco
1-on-1: Emily O'Brien
Group Date: Skiing down the streets of San Francisco.
1-on-1: Lindzi Cox
Self-elimination: “After the group skiing date, they all got dressed and had an after party at the Tonga Room. It was during this time that Brittney, the woman whose grandmother introduced her, voluntarily leaves the show.”
A secret crush: “It was also established in San Francisco that contestant Samantha Leavy had fallen for producer Bennett Graebner. Nothing physical ever happened between the two, but Samantha told producers she didn’t want to be there anymore because she had feelings for someone else, somehow they convinced her to stay another episode, and that was that. I am not sure if this storyline will ever make air because Bennett is married with kids, but hey, it sure made for some good dirt. So whatever reason they show for Samantha leaving in Utah, just know it’s because of that.”
The mystery woman returns: “At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony at the Fairmont hotel is where Shawntel Newton, the mortician during Brad’s season, comes back to ‘enter’ the game.” Read more about Shawntel’s return here.
Rose Ceremony fainting: Erika Uhlig passes out during the rose ceremony while Ben is handing out the roses.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: “Erika Uhlig and Jaclyn Swartz. Brittney has already eliminated herself during the after party of the group date and Shawntel never receives a rose from him after showing up.” Drama city! Poor Erika passes out and is sent home? Dang.

Episode 4-6 eliminations
As Steve writes, “Here’s a brief summary of episodes 4, 5, & 6 in terms of the eliminations. Episode 4 is in Utah and they begin with 13 girls. Episode 6 is in Panama and at the end of that episode, they have 6 girls left. Which means 7 girls total were eliminated in Utah, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Without a doubt, the 7 girls eliminated in these three episodes were:”
Monica Spannbauer
Samantha Leavy
Jamie Otis
Blakeley Shea
Casey Shteamer
Elyse Myers

Episode 4: Utah
1-on-1: Jennifer.
Group Date: Fly fishing.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: “Monica Spannbauer and Samantha Leavy were eliminated this episode, but, if they eliminated 3 this episode and only took 10 to Puerto Rico, then Elyse Myers went home here. I think they only did 2 though.”

Episode 5: Puerto Rico
1-on-1: Nicki Sterling.
Group Date: Baseball Date.
Other date: “Not sure what the other date was in this city, but this is the episode where Ben and Courtney go skinny dipping and show their bare asses to all of America.”
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: “Pretty sure it was Jamie Otis and Jennifer. If three people were eliminated on this date, and Elyse did make it Puerto Rico, then I’m pretty sure she went home here.”

Episode 6: Panama
1-on-1: Kacie Boguskie.
Group Date: Boat ride in the Panamanian jungle.
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: “Definitely Blakeley Shea and possibly Casey Shteamer. Unless Casey was eliminated the previous episode, then swap her out for whichever girl wasn’t – Jamie or Jennifer.”

Episode 7: Belize
1-on-1: Lindzi Cox
1-on-1: Emily
Group Date: Girls go swimming with the sharks.
1-on-1: Courtney
Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Emily O’Brien and Rachel Truehart.

Episode 8: Hometowns
Kacie Boguskie (Clarksville, TN) (Filmed 2nd)
Courtney Robertson (Scottsdale, AZ) (Filmed fourth)
Nicky Sterling (Hurst, Tx) (Filmed third)
Lindzi Cox (Ocala, Fla) (Filmed first)
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Kacie Boguskie

Episode 9: Overnight Dates: Switzerland
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Nicki Sterling.

Episode 10: The Women Tell All Special

Episode 11: Finale: Switzerland — Lindzi Cox vs. Courtney Robertson
It's been spoiled that Ben gets engaged to Courtney in Switzerland. Here's a look at the ring!

Source: Reality Steve

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