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The Bachelor

Who Will Be at The Bachelor 16’s Women Tell All?

Have you ever watched all the drama that goes on inside of The Bachelor house and think: If those walls could talk...

Well here’s something better than them there mansion walls: the women who were the source of said drama. Just before the finale of each season, The Bachelor franchise gives the dumpees a chance to vent, rehash old feuds, and face their dumper (Ben Flajnik, in this case) in a highly entertaining two hours of television. Guarantee it’ll beat watching Ben fly-fish in Episode 4. (Yes, we still can’t get over that.)

Here’s who you can expect to see on that stage during the March 5 airing of Season 16’s The Women Tell All:

Monica Spannbauer - The big thing with Monica (that turned out to not be such a big thing) was that she had a thing thing for Blakeley Shea. She has since denied that.

Elyse Myers - She’s the girl who confessed to Ben that she quit her job and missed her best friend’s wedding to be on The Bachelor just before he denied her a rose and sent her home on a boat. Thinks she’s regretting it now?

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Jenna Burke - Best known as the one we never saw say a single sober thing on-screen. And that failed joke about “sharing a tampon” directed to her short-lived nemesis Monica Spannbauer. (So can she pleeease get cast in Bachelor Pad 3?)

Rachel Truehart - Great bangs. Sexy voice. One-half of the most boring one-on-one date in Bachelor history?

Jamie Otis - Best known for that awkward kissing lesson and even more awkward lap dance.

Jennifer Fritsch - Ben called her the “best kisser” in the house... but let her go earlier than expected. Good thing, too, because she’s just not that into him, either.

Jaclyn Swartz - Um...

Amber Tierney - Well...

Credit: Photo via Samantha Charlotte Levey's Facebook    

Samantha Levey - She never got a chance to really connect with Ben. But she sure has her opinions about him and a certain frontrunner of his.

Erika Uhlig - She fainted during the rose ceremony. Ben eliminated her

Kacie Boguskie - Fan favorite from the very beginning. Unfortunately, hometown dates sealed her fate/fortune as not the woman of Ben’s dreams. Returns this week to warn Ben so we’re sure she’ll have lots to tell.

Blakeley Shea - If you don’t know her by now...

Casey Shteamer - She was revealed to still be in love with her ex-boyfriend and was promptly sent home. So how have things worked out for them since?

Brittney Schreiner - Brittney left early just before her one-on-one because she didn’t see a future with Ben. She also wants Brad Womack to call her.

Nicki Sterling - Oh, Nicki, you’re so fine... we love the most recent castoff, who got sent home right after the Overnight Dates episode, though we didn’t really see the sweet divorcee at the end. Will she think Ben led her on?

Ben Flajnik - The Bachelor. (Wear a helmet, dude.)



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