Bachelor 16 Women Tell All: What You Didn’t See — Exclusive!
Credit: Photo via Samantha Charlotte Levey's Facebook    
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16 Women Tell All: What You Didn’t See — Exclusive!

This season’s Women Tell All special wasn't your average affair. Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively broke the news first that a special surprise guest would be appearing to shake things up. By now you know that surprise guest was Courtney Robertson, and boy did it cause quite the stir. Now we have even more details from behind the scenes of the taping, which happened on February 24 in Los Angeles, including the big aww-worthy moment between Courtney and another bachelorette that got left on the cutting room floor.

Here’s how the whole thing went down, according to a Bachelor insider who was on the set who spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively.

It was a six-hour long taping. When Courtney appeared, it was “chaos,” says the source. Her biggest enemy in the house, Emily O'Brien, was fired up the most, and it resulted in a “back and forth” that included Courtney expressing her hurt over being called “autistic” by Emily. Naturally, since that incident was bleeped by ABC, it wasn't rehashed on the show.

At one point, says the insider, Emily started crying — though it is unclear if it was because she was sorry or just really fed up with the entire situation. Though Courtney never all-out cried, she was described as being “quiet and reflective” at a few points, which isn’t much different from how we’ve seen her with Ben throughout the season.

As we saw on Monday night, the bachelorettes were riled up and went hard on each other but even harder on Courtney.

Bachelor 16 Women Tell All: What You Didn’t See — Exclusive!
Credit: Photo via Samantha Charlotte Levey's Facebook    

One bachelorette who did come to Courtney’s defense was Jenna Burke. (Yes, the same Jenna Burke who diagnosed Court as having a serious case of “Jekyll and Hyde.”) Jenna said she felt bad for Courtney and that it was time for everyone to move on. They even hugged it out, a gesture that seemed to mean a lot to both girls.

By the time it was Ben’s turn in the hot seat, the Season 16 Bachelor seemed clearly overwhelmed, says the source. (We viewers wouldn't have known seeing how super duper short his segment was edited down to.) He said he loved doing the show and that he had a great time, but it seemed "like he was going through the motions and saying what he had been told to say.” Many of the girls seemed like they wanted directed answers from him, but they didn’t get what they were looking for as Ben seemed more intent on following an “agenda.”

But it seems that it is the dismissed bachelorettes who are having the last laugh, with many of them choosing to enjoy an extended vacation in Los Angeles following the WTA and partying with Bachelor alum from previous seasons. So did any of them find love already? Sounds like Jenna Burke did with [EXCLUSIVE].

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