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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16’s Blakeley Shea: 5 Things You Need to Know

You know she’s pretty darn sexy. You know she was Monica Spannbauer’s #1 bosom buddy. You know she used to be enemy #1 of Ben Flajnik’s other ladies in the house before they got distracted by Shawntel Newton and Courtney Robertson. But what else do you know about the since-eliminated The Bachelor Season 16’s Blakeley Shea? Here are five factoids about the 34-year-old VIP cocktail waitress.

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1. Shea is her middle name
Blakeley’s full name is Blakeley Shea Jones. She competed as Blakeley Jones in Hooters’ swimsuit contest, where she revealed that she would like to have the superpower of invisibility. Check out that video here. Blakeley is from North Carolina but she seems to have represented South Carolina in the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant in Las Vegas back in 2006. She was also in Maxim’s Top 100 in 2006.

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2. You can drink her up
Jaclyn Swartz didn’t like having Blakeley’s “horse face” in her face, but chances are most guys wouldn’t mind seeing Blakeley every time they get thirsty. Blakeley used to be a big-time Hooters supporter — not only was she a Hooters calendar girl and swimsuit contestant, she was the model used on the Hooters Energy Drink can.

3. She's a VIP in Charlotte
Do you think she’s friends with Emily Maynard? Charlotte, N.C. isn’t exactly a small town, but Blakeley works (or worked) at Re:Public night club in Charlotte and you can watch her give a tour of the club in this video.

4. She loves her dog, cooking... and Edward Norton
Ben loves his dog Scotch, so maybe one day he’ll have a new friend in Blakeley’s long-haired Chihuahua, Halo, whom she mentioned in her ABC bio. She’s also asked “If you wanted to really impress a man/woman what would you do and why?” and she answered, “I would cook them their favorite meal. Cooking requires a lot of time, patience and love: not too many people take the time anymore for the simple things in life.” Asked about her favorite actor, she answered, "Edward Norton - his ability to completely take on his character. He's amazing!" So maybe if things don't work out with Ben, she can invite Ed over for dinner?

5. She shares a rep with American Idol's sexy Brittany Kerr
If you head to Blakeley's twitter, @BlakeleyShea, there's a link to her website,, which takes you to enkamp, a design, management, and marketing firm that also represents Brittany Kerr of American Idol Season 11 and Mindy Hall of Survivor, Rock of Love Bus and I Love Money 4. So maybe if she doesn't find love, she'll find a career in reality TV.

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03.6.2012 / 06:45 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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