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Bones Season 7 Spoiler: An Old Friend from Booth’s Past?

We’ve got enough new faces coming up in Bones, with most of them heralding bad news. Take for example Twerpski (Jay Paulson), the graffiti artist who hopes to steal Angela (Michaela Conlin)’s heart away from hubby Hodgins (TJ Thyne). And then there’s the as-yet-uncast septuagenarian murder suspect aiming to woo Brennan (Emily Deschanel) into abandoning Booth (David Boreanaz).

Fortunately, though, we can take some comfort in the latest Bones news, which includes another cameo. (No, we’re not talking about Ralph Garman, though we’ll admit that he’s sure to be hilarious and not home-wrecking.) According to E! Online, Booth can expect a visit from an old friend in an upcoming episode. The two met shortly after 9/11, when they served together in Afghanistan.

The “friend from the past” angle is a good one; Boreanaz would know, as it was used several times to great success in Angel. And even those of us who aren’t cross-program Boreanaz fans will eagerly recall Grayson Barasa, who made the Angela-Hodgins marriage subplot all the juicier.

So when can we expect to see this flashback-friend? Well, that’s a good question; the brains behind Bones are sticking to their “plot soup” method of spoiler-leaking. So for now, we’ll just have to put this info on a post-it and stick it on our “what happens when” whiteboard. Further details as events warrant!

Source: E! Online

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03.6.2012 / 11:57 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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