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The Bachelor

Is Emily O’Brien A Star? Bachelor Nation Responds to The Women Tell All

We were glued to our TV screens during tonight’s The Bachelor Season 16: The Women Tell All, and it turns out... most of Bachelor Nation was, too. You’ve heard what they thought about Courtney Robertson, but what about all the other drama that went down tonight?

Take a look at their best tweets about tonight’s unforgettable show.

Emily O’Brien

Credit: via Ames Brown's Twitter    

Emily O'Brien tried and tried and tried to warn Ben Flajnik about Courtney, but to no avail. But during tonight’s show, Emily held her own with poise, grace, and beauty. Bachelor Nation certainly took note.

Jackie Gordon ‏(Bachelor 15) @JackieGordon: Ohh Emily is SO adorable! I love this girl. A rarity in reality television. Intelligent, real. You go girl #bachelor Bachelor

Robert Mills ‏(Bachelor Producer) @Millsy11374: Is Poor Emily trending cuz of #Bachelor or PLL? And if it is #Bachelor is it due to her cleavage? #WTA

Ashley Spivey (Bachelor 15)‏ @AshleySpivey: Emily has huge boobs! Where was she hiding those bad boys all season?!? #bachelor

West Lee ‏ (Bachelorette 7) @NotthatAdamWest: "My name is Emily and I'm here to say, Courtney is a bitch in a major way." #Bachelor #RapSkills

TheStylist LA ‏ @TheStylistLA: Excited 2 watch the adorable Emily O'brien on @BachelorABC 2night wearing our Naven Bombshell Dress she rented! #bachelor @TheNavenTwins

Nicki Sterling

Credit: Bill Matlock/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Texas sweetheart Nicki Sterling made it to the final 3 before Ben sent her packing after the overnight dates.

Jackie Gordon
@JackieGordon: Oh nicki is so freaking cute! Another extremely genuine gal with a big heart. Love #Bachelor

Kacie Boguskie

Credit: Katherine Bomboy-Thornton/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Kacie Boguskie has long been a fan favorite, and many people expected to see her in the final two. Not that the men of Bachelor nation are complaining, mind you...

West Lee ‏ @NotthatAdamWest: Yes! Tuned in in time for Kacie B! Is it too late to call dibs? #Bachelor

Bachelor News ‏ @My_Bachelorette: @NotthatAdamWest Yes.. @Ryan_M_Park got dibs.. lol

Well, maybe not all of them.
Blake Julian (Bachelorette 7 and Bachelor Pad 2) ‏ @BlakeMJulian: Love Kacie B. Hate Kacie B's sideburns. #justsaying

Robert Mills ‏ @Millsy11374: Oh Kacie B, you've got to sweep away those Luke Perry circa '91 sideburns #Bachelor #WTA

Holly Durst (Bachelor 12 and Bachelor Pad 2)‏ @HollyDurst: Hey #Bachelor fans... My childrens book is out!

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