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Jersey Shore

Is This Couple Dropping Off Baby Shower Presents for Snooki?

Sorry, folks: you’re going to have to wait until Wednesday until Snooki officially confirms or denies the pregnancy (and engagement) rumors that have been following her around for the past week. Until then, we can speculate on every little thing that happens around Snooks and see if we can find any clues about her alleged baby.

Two guests were spotted arriving at Snooki and JWOWW’s Jersey City apartment (the duo are currently filming a spin-off reality show) over the weekend carrying purple presents. Could these be baby/engagement presents for Snooki? She greeted the guests with kisses and hugs before escorting them into her apartment.

Then again, JWOWW’s birthday was last week (February 27) and maybe these guests were just bringing over some belated b-day gifts for JWOWW. Either way, we still think all the clues are pointing towards Snooks being pregnant.

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