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Speculation: Is Glee Project Winner Alex Newell on the Glee Set?

With Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart) already two episodes in to his Glee role, there’s now only one more Glee Project winner still left to make his debut.

Based on spoilers, we already know that Alex Newell is set to have a number of scenes with returning guest star Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) sometime later this season. We’re hearing rumblings that Jonathan may already be on set... and a couple of recent tweets from Alex make us wonder if he’s on Glee already, too!

On Sunday, March 4, Alex tweeted, “Oh wait I kinda have to go to school tomorrow ugh!!!” What do you think he means “kinda”? Could Alex have been dropping hints that he was headed to the fake school of McKinley High?

Possible, yes. But it’s also worth noting that Alex is finishing up his senior year in real life, so he could simply be talking about heading back to his regular school.

Well, Monday came and went — and Alex tweeted nothing about going to the Glee set. None of the cast member wrote about him being there, either. But could his Glee appearance still be a big secret that the show is trying to keep under wraps?

On the afternoon of February 5, Alex tweeted, “" college professors have it easy all they have to do is walk in and say I know stuff" says a great woman!!!”

We can’t help but wonder: What “great woman” is he talking about, and why is he keeping her identity a secret? Sure, she could be anybody. But is it possible that Alex is quoting a line from the Glee set? That could be the sort of quip we’d expect from Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), don’t you think?

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