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The Kardashians

Top 5 OMG Moments from Khloe and Lamar, Season 2, Episode 3: “Khloe Kardashian Gets Cuffed”

Khloe & Lamar Season 2, Episode 3 was chock full of cray-cray moments. Rob launched a luxury sock business, Malika got all amateur porn star, and Khloe spent a night handcuffed to her beau — and no, not in the bedroom. Here are the top five moments that made us go “OMG!”

5. Rob and Khloe Break Mama J’s Anniversary Present!
Oh, sibling rivalry! Episode 3 opened with a very physical fight between Khloe and younger brother, Rob. As the twosome are half-wrestling, half-kickboxing each other, Rob dropped his book bag and it smashed against the ground. Both siblings gasped, and Rob said they just broke their mom’s anniversary present. Oops! The sibs had a brief moment of silence for the lost gift — but Khloe ended the moment with a half-hearted “It’s okay” and a swift kick to her brother’s leg. The lesson here? Replacing an expensive prezzie = NBD for this famous fam.

4. Rob Starts a... Sock Business?
We gotta hand it to Rob: We were rather shocked that he took the initiative and actually did something career-wise. Take away the video games, TV, and oversized bags of potato chips and Rob really does have an ambitious side. Although it still makes us laugh that somebody could get all hot ‘n’ bothered over dress socks, we’re kind of excited for him. At least he’ll never have to worry about wearing mismatched socks again!

3. Malika Poses Half-Naked!
Rob and Khloe’s BFF Malika have always had an interesting (read: flirty and totally inappropriate) relationship. So, when Rob needed help developing his sock line portfolio, Malika happily volunteered to model for him — except this wasn’t an ordinary modeling job. Oh no. Malika did model Rob’s socks. Only his socks.

2. Khloe Checks Up on Lamar
It’s one thing to make sure your husband made it somewhere safe, it’s another to call his business partners and ask them to make sure he gets fed! While Lamar was off being his sexy self at a photo shoot, his wife actually called to ask if someone would give Lam Lam his lunch so he wouldn’t get “cranky.” No, seriously. That really happened. At least she didn’t actually call him Lam Lam... this time.

1. Lamar Cuffs Khloe!
After his spectacularly humiliating photo shoot, Lamar decided to give his overbearing wifey a taste of her own medicine. And obviously the best way to do that was to handcuff them together, right? But of course! Lamar came home and got the cuffs out, so the twosome spent an entire afternoon and evening doing everything together. We’re talking getting in and out of the same car door, going to the bathroom, etc. They even showed up at a business meeting still linked. While it was all incredibly awkward, we think Lamar got his point across in the end. Khloe seemed to realize that she’s got to loosen the reigns, but we’ll see how it goes. Girl’s related to Kris Jenner, after all.

03.6.2012 / 03:10 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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