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The Bachelor

Top 5 OMG Moments From The Bachelor Season 16: The Women Tell All

Isn’t it great how the bachelors themselves are always afterthoughts on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All? Everyone stops pretending the boys matter at all and focuses on the true “process” — the “ladies’” two-month journey from jealousy to outright hatred. Ben Flajnik barely stopped by Season 16’s WTA and had very little impact. Instead, his most vocal girlfriends continued to fight, and one of his final two, Courtney Robertson, took the brunt of the angst without a peep of support from Ben. Here are five of the most memorable moments from the two-hour drama fest:

1. Bachelor reunion makeout footage
It’s always awkward and fascinating to see Bachelor Nation alumni stick their tongues down each other’s throats once they’ve been rejected and stopped sniffling about their pretend heartbreak. This year, the Bachelor reunion footage showed several surprising hookups, including Vienna Girardi’s ex Kasey Kahl making out with Lisa P. from Brad Womack’s Season 15. According to Bachelor Pad 1’s Krisily Kennedy, Kasey, and Lisa got smoochy, then separated as if nothing happened, with Lisa telling Krisily she didn’t meant to do that. But why not? There were cameras watching. Isn’t that why everyone here does everything?

2. Shawntel Newton confuses hips with thighs
You should never call poor Shawntel Newton a bitch, but she doesn’t care if you do. “You can call me a bitch as many times as you want,” the funeral director said during the WTA. “It was not the bitch thing. It was that I was ugly, it was that I had big hips and that I was white trash.” Actually, back in San Francisco on Episode 3, Erika Uhlig — Miss Chicago! — had said Shawntel was uglier in person and had thicker thighs than her. Her hips are probably fine. Still, it felt good to see Shawntel face the women for their comments — mostly made behind her back to the cameras, so she had to see them for the first time as she watched the show. Some of the same women making those comments to the cameras were so outraged — outraged! — when Courtney did the same thing to them. They can dish it out...

Credit: ABC via WENN    

3. Courtney apologizes over and over again
Emily O'Brien had a blast bringing up all of her Courtney complaints and reminding Courtney that she herself said she didn’t forgive and forget. So why should anyone forgive her? Courtney said she knows there’s a lot about herself she can change. She got defensive and said the show brought out the worst in her. If she could take it all back and do things differently, she would. She apologized for her mean comments. She apologized for not accepting Emily’s apology. She apologized for hurting Ben, whom she cared for and continues to care for. She wishes her family and friends hadn’t been dragged through the media mud, all because of her actions. Courtney took all the blows, never getting defensive on the hot seat, just accepting that it was all warranted. She teared up but didn’t play the “tears win arguments” manipulation card. There’s really nothing more she could’ve done, it’s just a matter of whether her haters even want to believe anything she says.

4. Ben gets naked again
Ben got let off the hook big time — barely warming the hot seat with his (often-bare) tush. And when the ladies talked to him, most of them were complimentary. Nicki Sterling said he’s the best man she knows. Jamie Otis asked him out again. (How “fancy”!) However, in the otherwise pretty tame blooper reel, we saw Ben bare his Bachelor butt again by streaking through the vineyard. We also saw him do some goofy dancing, showing some of the personality they failed to feature during the season. Why do they go out of their way to make the Bachelors look boring when the outtakes show that’s not the case at all?

5. Jenna and Monica share a tampon
Remember how much Jenna Burke was traumatized by Monica Spannbauer’s … well, who remembers what the problem was, really. They were the stars of The Bachelor Season 16 premiere but that was so long ago their feud is now a source of humor for both of them. Monica laughed that she thought Jenna was “batsh*t” crazy for her tampon comment. But then she broke out a tampon and asked Jenna if she would accept it. Jenna said yes. They hugged it out. Jenna seems normal and Monica seems, if anything, like the more aggressive one. But their little moment showed how fast we move on in Bachelor Nation. Even Courtney will be an afterthought soon. Heck, if Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard can speak earnestly about Bentley Williams possibly (but not probably) returning to The Bachelorettefor Season 8, anyone can find redemption with a little bit of time and a new face for everyone to bond over hating.

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