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True Blood

Who Has the Worst Fashion on True Blood? You Tell Us!

True Blood takes place in an alternate space-time continuum where vampires wander around wearing leather chaps, and innocent Southern belles think booty sorts are appropriate work attire.

As much as we love the local yokels of Bon Temps, their fashion can only be described as criminal. Between the scrunchies, the Keds, and the over-sized T-shirts, watching True Blood is like the '90s flashback we never asked for.

But who is the biggest fashion criminal of them all? That's where you come in!

1. Jessica

Jessica's a natural beauty, but girl ... They're called skinny jeans. Please buy some before those flared pants threaten to take over your equally unfortunate flannel shirt.

2. Sookie

It goes without saying that Sookie is one too-tight sundress away from being the worst-dressed lady in Bon Temps. We're just thankful she stopped wearing that mini denim jacket.

3. Eric

Granted, Eric was wearing Jason's clothes for most of the season after he lost his memory. And he still looks pretty good in almost any outfit. But those hoodies have got to go!

4. Debbie

Debbie might be dead, but there's no excuse for the mullet she rocked during most of True Blood. Even when she was a reformed V-addict, she delved into a frightening sweater set phase that left us half-blind. Do not want!

5. Pam

We know, we know: Pam looks amazing all the time. But lately there's been an alarming lack of leather corsets in her wardrobe, and that giant bee-keeper hat really didn't pair well with her rotting flesh last season.

(Notice that Lafayette isn't on this list? That's because anyone who wears gold pants with matching doo-rags qualifies as a "fashion genius." Next!)

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