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Jersey Shore

Why Snooki & JWOWW Have Been So Quiet About the Pregnancy Rumors – Exclusive

The Snooki pregnancy rumors won’t stop bubbling up but so far everyone related to Jersey Shore has been completely silent about the allegations. Now, a friend of Snooki and JWOWW reveals exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment that Snooki is indeed pregnant and why everyone is being kept on media lockdown.

“There are a ton of rumors floating around about the show, none of them are true,” referring to the report that JWOWW might be dropped from her and Snooki’s spin-off, which is currently filming in Jersey City, NJ.

“Changes are being made to fit the pregnancy into the storyline but everything is being kept TIGHTLY under wraps,” the source says. “495 Productions, the production company [behind Jersey Shore and the spin-off], is very worried about leaks so right now, no one knows anything — even the girls. They know shooting is about to start, but everything is being kept from them until the absolute last minute they need to know about it.”

This could explain why everyone, from Snooki’s castmates to people working at MTV, have been keeping their lips sealed about everything relating to the pregnancy and the spin-off. We already know that Snooki and JWOWW’s spin-off will follow their “everyday lives,” but the swirling rumors may have complicated filming.

What we want to know is how this will affect the show’s premise. Will the show focus more on Snooki and JWOWW settling down and dealing with adult issues like pregnancy and getting married?

And if you are waiting for an official confirmation from Snooki about being pregnant, we’ve been told that the media lockdown will be at least partially lifted on Wednesday, when Snooki’s big pregnancy cover story comes out on Us Weekly.

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With additional reporting from Beth Sobol.

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