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The Bachelor

“Will You Accept This Tampon?” Top Quotes From The Bachelor 16 Women Tell All

Courtney Robertson is sorry. So sorry. Wicked sorry. Crazy sorry. Did she say she’s sorry? ‘Cause she is. Sorry! Still, the quotable Queen Court was not the only one who got to speak her mind on The Bachelor Season 16’s uber-dramatic Women Tell All special . Some of the ladies apologized for their own mean comments, but most of them were too busy throwing some new shots out there. Anything for more camera time! Here are some of the most memorable quotes from the WTA:

Credit: Photo via Samantha Charlotte Levey's Facebook    

Ben Flajnik: “Welcome to my nightmare.”

Jamie Otis [to Ben]: “I don’t know what they think of you, but I think you’re a fabulous guy and who knows, I feel like a lot of times it doesn’t work out. … If you’re not happy with who you chose I still think you’re fabulous and I want to get to know you.”

Monica Spannbauer [to Jenna Burke]:“I thought you were batsh*t crazy!”

Samantha Levey: “Why are so many of us such good friends yet you couldn’t be friends?”
Blakeley Shea: “‘Cause I’m a lot older than you and more mature than you and I don’t actually bother myself with small-minded people. That’s why.”

Jamie: “I think everybody here has been rude to another girl at one time or another.”

Brittney Schreiner [to Samantha]: “You are like the Chihuahua in the house, you just don’t stop talking. Shut up!”

Shawntel Newton: “You can call me a bitch as many times as you want. It was not the bitch thing. It was that I was ugly, it was that I had big hips and that I was white trash.”

Emily O'Brien [on Ben skinny dipping]: “You’re clouding your own mind ‘cause you’re just thinking about sex. You’re not thinking about a relationship anymore.”
Chris Harrison: “I think you have figured out men.”

Monica: “Will you accept this tampon?”
Jenna: “I will accept!”

Courtney: “I’m really sorry I hurt your feelings, all of you. You may say it’s not genuine, but I’m going through real emotions and I don’t like being torn apart — my family and my friends in the tabloids. It’s awful. I didn’t think it through. If I could’ve gone back and thought ahead — oh, this plus whatever equals this — I would’ve handled myself differently. I was really defensive. I should’ve accepted your apology. I shouldn’t have said mean things. And I’m sorry. And that’s why I’m here. To say I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for hurting Ben. I cared for him and still do.”

Chris Harrison: “Did Courtney come there to find love?”
Jamie: “I don’t know about you girls, maybe I’m naive, but I really thought I saw a connection with them.”
Emily: “Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don’t think so. I think it could’ve been Joe Shmoe sitting in that seat and Courtney would’ve done her damndest to make sure that she got the final rose.”

Emily [on Ben and Courtney]: “If he does choose her, he’s made his bed, he can lie in it.”

Casey Shteamer [on Courtney]: “I don’t think saying ‘winning’ means she only wants to win. I think she thought that was a cute, funny thing to say.”

Kacie Boguskie: “Courtney is phony, unattractive, selfish — I don’t want to be in the same room as her.”

Nicki Sterling: “Courtney’s face is evil. Her heart is ugly.”

Courtney: “Nobody gives you a manual on how to be on The Bachelor.”

Courtney: “I’m sorry for the things I’ve said and if I’ve hurt your feelings, anyone, everyone, I’m really sorry for that. I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me. I’m not a mean-spirited person. It brought out the worst in me and I can’t apologize enough. I really can’t.”

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03.6.2012 / 09:57 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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