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Jersey Shore

5 Jersey Shore Moments That Snooki May Not Want to Share With Her Future Kid

We all have things that we don’t want our kids to see, but Jersey Shore’s Snooki has more than a few embarrassing moments under her belt. The pregnant and engaged star told Us Weekly that she will use her Jersey Shore antics as an example of “what not to do,” but we think that she might want to keep some moments under wraps, no matter how educational they might be.

Below, here is our list of the 5 craziest, messiest, and most embarrassing Snooki moments that she might want to hide from her future offspring.

5. Meeting Jionni during a drunken one-night-stand on Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 8. Snooks first met her future fiance Jionni LaValle at a club in Seaside Heights. The pair got wastey-pants and Snooki took him home to hook up. The really embarrassing part? Snooki couldn’t remember Jionni’s name, so she called him Bernard. Hooking up with your future husband and not knowing his name? That isn’t something we don’t think the future mini-Snooki will want to see.

4. Hooking up with BFF Deena on Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 7. During a mini-vacation to an Italian seaside town, Snooki and Deena Nicole added a sapphic element to their friendship when they jumped into bed together after a particularly drunken night out. There’s nothing wrong with a little experimentation but most of the college girls who “experiment” with their friends don’t have their hook-ups documented by MTV cameras. Cringe City.

3. “Cheating” on Jionni with Vinny (and, allegedly, The Situation). After Jionni ditched her in Italy during Season 4, Snooki hooked up with her go-to smush piece in the house, Vinny. (The pair have a long and complicated friends-with-benefits relationship.) This all came after The Situation claimed that Snooki hooked up with him when she was first dating Jionni, a charge that Snooki still vehemently denies. Since these two incidents didn’t break up the pair (Jionni eventually forgave Snooki for hooking up with Vinny; no word yet on The Situation’s accusations) they obviously weren’t that serious. However, knowing that mommy may have slept around on daddy is damaging to any child’s psyche.

2. Getting arrested in Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 3. During one of her low points on the show, Snooki got arrested by the Seaside Heights police for disorderly conduct, creating a public nuisance, and being criminally annoying (seriously). The arrest came after Snooki snuck drinks into the Shore Store, got hammered, and then started bar-hopping around the boardwalk's dive bars. Keep in mind that this all happened well before 5 pm. Snooki eventually pled guilty to the charges and was let off with a slap on the wrist.

1. Flashing her cooka at a club in Florence in Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 8. Not only is the cooka-flashing incident the kind of classic drunken behavior that no one wants their kids to find out about, it also led to one of Snooki and Jionni’s biggest fights. Jionni stormed out of the club when he saw Snooki flash the cameras, causing the entire cast to to chase after him and Snooki to break down screaming in the streets. Yikes.

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