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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Things We Want to See From Grace Next Season on Secret Life of the American Teenager

New episodes of Secret Life of the American Teenager are approaching faster that you can say "condoms," and we couldn't be more excited for the return of TV's most sex-crazed teens.

Let's just say it's been far too long since we've run our hands through Ricky's hair coif.

But the person we're most excited to see next season? The one and only Cookie Monster.

Grace spent most of last year sleeping around with various hunky men while wearing pink, and it might just be time for a change. Check out five things we want to see from her when Secret Life returns!

1. A New Wardrobe!

As much as we love pink, light-pink, dark-pink and "dusty rose," Grace's wardrobe is too much of a good thing. Let's get real: She wanders around Grant High looking like Baby Spice.

Here's to hoping that Grace will learn all the colors of the rainbow and stray out of her comfort zone next season. Basically, we'd love to see her in some jeggings and Uggs.

2. A Lasting Relationship

Grace works her way through boys faster than Ricky works his way through raw sausage links. She's an addict!

In the space of just one season, Grace was "in love" with Grant and Daniel, and then decided to get frisky with Jack at the graduation party.

We 'ship Grace and Jack's sweet relationship (minus their deadly sex...), so here's to hoping they'll date for more than five minutes!

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3. A Renewed Friendship With Adrian

At this point, Adrian's only friend is a bottle of pickle juice. She needs Grace more than ever, but last season, their friendship was strained after Adrian lost her mind and began attacking drywall.

Grace and Adrian are an odd match, but they always have each other's backs and we want them back to BFF status stat!

4. Sex Ed

Grace knows all about the birds and the bees (it's all she talks about), but we're not convinced that any of our Secret Lifers actually know how babies are made. Otherwise, they wouldn't be getting pregnant every five minutes.

It's only a matter of time before Grace catches the rare pregnancy disease that lives in Grant High's water fountains, and she needs to be prepared. Then again, mini-Jacks would be kind of adorable.

5. A Better Relationship With Her Brother

Remember Tom, Grace's go-getter brother? Grace hasn't exactly been there for him through thick and thin, and it's time for her to work on their relationship.

Sure, Tom adopted that brood of homeless children and it was totally weird, but c'mon Grace. Show some support for your brotha from anotha motha.

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