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Dancing With The Stars

Is William Levy The Hottest DWTS Celeb Ever? Watch A Maid Rub Lotion On Him and Decide

It’s on now. Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke has thrown down the gauntlet — saying her Season 14 celeb partner William Levy is “the hottest piece of you-know-what” that has ever been on DWTS. That’s a bold statement, as fans who’ve memorized Gilles Marini’s shirtless Paso Doble know too well. So now you have no choice — you have to do some research to see if Cheryl’s statement is fair or hyperbole.

Start by watching this random clip from one of Cuban-American actor William’s many telenovelas. No idea about the context, but he goes swimming in a tight little bathing suit then has a nerdy maid rub lotion on his back. That’s enough for you to do the basic work of deciding his hotness potential. At least 2,348,719 other people have watched the video, so don’t feel too guilty about wasting a minute and a half staring at it.

If you feel like doing further research, there are a few Spanish fan videos on YouTube about William and his ex-girlfriend/mother of his kids Elizabeth Gutierrez. (Shipping knows no language barrier!) Of course, you can also watch William have another shirtless romp through the water with Jennifer Lopez in her video for “I’m Into You.”

What do you think? Is William the hottest guy that has ever been on DWTS? We’ll have to wait for March 19 — or at least his first shirtless dance — to really be sure. Project!

Dancing With the Stars Season 14 premieres Monday, March 19 at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC.

Source: YouTube

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