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The Bachelor

Kacie B. Had No Chance With Ben After Courtney Got Naked — Women Tell All Exit Interview With Samantha Levey

Samantha Levey didn’t have much screen time on The Bachelor Season 16. In fact, her very demand for more one-on-one time is what got her sent home mid-date in the first place! But is she heartbroken? Not quite. If you watched Monday night’s Women Tell All, you’d conclude she was the least heartbroken of all, determined to call out any and everyone who deserved to be called out (a censor’s worst nightmare). And unlike Courtney Robertson, she makes no apologies.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Ben Flajnik’s feistiest ex bachelorette exclusively on the night of the drama-filled WTA to get some filter-free behind-the-scenes scoop on the season:

Kacie B. Had No Chance With Ben After Courtney Got Naked — Women Tell All Exit Interview With Samantha Levey
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What’s the Women Tell All atmosphere like? We hear it’s trays and trays of drinks.

Let’s be honest, you can drink as much or as little as you want. Obviously, it’s not like they’re going to IV it to you, but if you know you’re going to be up there talking sh*t for eight hours, it’s a lot easier to do if you don’t have to think about it. There’s alcohol if you want it. It’s easier to do if you’re not sober.

Who’s going to turn down a mimosa or twelve?

Kacie B. Had No Chance With Ben After Courtney Got Naked — Women Tell All Exit Interview With Samantha Levey
Credit: Ron Koeberer/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Did you feel going into The Bachelor there was a chance it could work for you?

It’s hard for me to take it seriously. I was open to the idea of it, but I wasn’t going in thinking I’m going to fall in love with Ben on sight.

Did you come close?

WITH BEN??!! Not by a long shot. With other guys in my life, sure. But that was never going to happen. You would like it to work, but… Look, I’m cynical and I didn’t think it could with anyone because how many of these people are actually still together? But being on the show and being friends with like Kacie [Boguskie] and Nicki [Sterling] and I was like, Holy &*%^$! These girls ACTUALLY love him, and I can’t believe I was wrong and this could actually happen, and then seeing him fall for someone who’s not like that….

Kacie really really did fall for him and I would see him give her extra time on group dates and secretly hold her hand. We all did. You couldn’t not see it, and it seemed like it was going on the right track. But then Courtney got naked, and… what else was Ben going to do?

You had a friendship with Kacie...
She was the one I was closest to. There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s called America’s sweetheart, and she literally is the sweetest girl there is. I got injured on the show and had to go to the hospital. She took me to the shower and washed and conditioned my hair.

Kacie B. Had No Chance With Ben After Courtney Got Naked — Women Tell All Exit Interview With Samantha Levey
Credit: Photo via Samantha Charlotte Levey's Facebook    


It was the episode where Shawntel [Newton] comes back… there was this... this place we were… well it used to be a pool. But it’s not a pool anymore, it’s just a slimy hole, and at three in the morning, Ben was like, we should all jump in it. And we were like, we have to do whatever he says, so we can get noticed, so we jumped in, and I’m the shortest girl in the show and I was in this disgusting thing with no steps anywhere because it’s not really a pool anymore, and I was trapped, so I reached to grab a light pole to pull myself out, and it came down on top of me.

And I was literally pinned by a pole under the water and Kacie is the one who pulled me out. I hurt my ribs, so they took me to the hospital to check me out.

That didn’t make the final cut.

Nope. That episode was all about Shawntel... When she came on the show, and they never showed this either, Courtney [Robertson] LEFT that night and gave Ben an ultimatum telling him she would leave immediately if Shawntel stayed. So… Shawntel never had a chance.

She had that much control that early?

Of course. You saw his reaction when she got out of the limo. Guys are guys. It’s very rare a personality will change a guy’s mind.

Do you think she cares about him or just about winning?

I personally don’t see it. Just from her past. She came on the show bragging about how Jesse Metcalfe saw her at an ATM machine and had to get out of his car and talk to her. She’s very into herself. And that’s just Courtney, BUT what’s annoying is that Ben actually falls for it.

Courtney’s only worry is that she might look bad to Ben on the show. And she’s worried that it will hurt her modeling career.

Kacie B. Had No Chance With Ben After Courtney Got Naked — Women Tell All Exit Interview With Samantha Levey
Credit: Natalie Cass/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

What about your own future? Would you come back for something like Bachelor Pad?

I went on Women Tell All to vent, not to audition for Bachelor Pad. [At WTA,] no one calls on you. If you have something to say, you have to say it. It’s why all those girls talk over one another. Because if you don’t say it then, you won’t have a chance later. So it looks like everyone is auditioning, but it’s the only chance to say what you want to say.

If you’re not Nicki, Casey [Shteamer] or Emily [O'Brien] — girls Chris is going to talk to directly — you have to say what you’re going to say.

So... would you do another show?

Obviously I stood out. Depending on who you speak to, that was a good thing or a bad thing. As far as entertaining goes, I was definitely fantastic. People who don’t like profanity or think the show is about love probably aren’t my biggest fans. If I do more reality TV, it needs to be on HBO, because the networks spend too much time bleeping me out.

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