Snooki’s Pregnant: 5 Reasons She Could Be a Better Mom Than You Think
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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Pregnant: 5 Reasons She Could Be a Better Mom Than You Think

So, it's official: Jersey Shore's most infamous star, Snooki, is pregnant.

We can practically hear the gasps of horror around the country, and we can hardly blame the average Jersey Shore fan for thinking this is a disastrous idea. On the show, Snooks is wasted more often than not, and even sober she tends to blow off work, make inane comments, and generally act like the kind of person you wouldn't trust to hold a baby, let alone raise one.

However, from what we've seen of her during the off-season, the Snooki that exists in the real world — Nicole Polizzi, really — is a thousand times more reasonable than her on-screen counterpart, even if her fashion choices are still questionable.

Here are five reasons we think Snooki might actually be a good mom:

1. She and Jionni are serious. Let's start with a big one: Her relationship with her fiance and the father of her child, Jionni LaValle, seems to be pretty stable. Although we've seen the couple fight on the show they appear very happy when the pressure of the cameras is lifted. As far as we know, they weren't planning on getting married this early, but Snooks has been saying Jionni is The One for ages. We think these two crazy, orange kids could actually make it work, providing their child with a happy home.

2. She has a supportive family. Snooki and Jionni won't have to do this all on their own. We've seen a lot of Snooki's dad on the show, and he's always loving and supportive, even when his daughter is making him run errands or telling him about getting arrested. Plus, she's been living at home up until she started filming her spin-off with JWOWW, so you know her parents are family-oriented and willing to put up with a lot.

We've also seen Snooks interact with Jionni's family, and they seem to adore her. Their kid will definitely have a safety net in their extended family.

3. No really, she's not an alcoholic. On Jersey Shore the cast is cut off from all forms of entertainment, and they're pretty much expected to drink, party, and generally go crazy all the time. Snooki has always maintained that outside of that environment, she hardly drinks at all, and she'd just as soon watch a movie at home as go to the club.

4. She's smarter than she sounds. Snooki may have gotten famous for acting like an idiot, but she's managed to turn that fame into a profitable brand with her own perfume, shoe line, New York Times bestselling book, and more. That takes business savvy, or, at the very least, the wits to find the right people to be business savvy for her.

5. She can be disciplined. She's a sloppy mess who often shows her undies at the club on the show, but in real life Snooki knows how to get it together when she wants to. She used to be a pretty serious cheerleader (it's a real sport...ish), and even her recent weight-loss and style transformation is proof that this guidette is not as much of a slave to her impulses as it appears. We think she really does have the ability to rein in the wild child now that she's going to be a mom.

We're not saying we think this pregnancy is the best timing ever. Snooki is still young (she's only 24), she and Jionni, though serious, weren't planning on getting married yet, and she clearly had other plans, including her spin-off with JWOWW, Snooki & JWOWW vs. The World, and more Jersey Shore.

What we are saying is: Relax. We're pretty sure this kid will make it to adulthood in one piece.

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03.7.2012 / 10:27 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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