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Who Does Grant Gustin Want Sebastian to Date?

So far Grant Gustin (Sebastian) hasn’t filmed any new episodes of Glee since the February 21 mid-season finale. But while he still has yet to hear back from producers on whether or not he’ll be returning post-hiatus, Grant already has a few things in mind for his Glee character – including a potential romance!

Grant caught up with for a recent chat, and narrowed down the possibilities of Sebastian’s love life, saying, “As far as other gay characters, there’s only really Dave Karofsky [Max Adler]. And I guess technically there’s Kurt. The Dave possibility could be really fun because it was the thing that made Sebastian kind of wake up and go, ‘Wait a second, the things that I’m doing are really affecting other people,’ and I could absolutely see that happening.”

Kinda like how Dave fell for Kurt because Kurt made HIM see the error of his ways? Interesting!

Of course, there’s also that rumored new guy, Chandler, to consider, and those unmistakable vibes between Sebastian and recently-out Santana (Naya Rivera) during the “Michael” episode – of which Grant is apparently very much aware, though a little weary...

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“There’s a lot of… what do they call it? Sebtana?” Grant said, referring to the pairing. “That would be really interesting too, although they’re both gay characters and especially Santana… I don’t think her fans would like to see her go back the other way, because that was a big coming out for her.”

Hear that Brittana fans? No need be concerned. Thank goodness!


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