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The Bachelor

Will The Bachelor Ever Cast an Unknown Again?

Once upon a time, ABC introduced us to a Bachelor every year — a banker, a football player, a fisherman, a doctor, a Naval officer, a bar owner, a prince, a random British guy.

Sure, The Bachelor flirted with letting a repeat guy hand out roses — which is all they've ever done in eight seasons of The Bachelorette — but Bachelorette Season 1 veteran Bob Guiney was apparently the wrong ambassador for that idea, so after his Bachelor Season 4, they went on a streak of fresh faces until Season 13. Then they got Jason Mesnick, the sweet single dad from DeAnna Pappas's Bachelorette Season 4. Jason gave good TV ratings, thanks to his explosive Melissa/Molly trainwreck of a finale. Jason launched the new trend of recycling rose-receivers to rose-givers, which led from him to Jake Pavelka (Bachelorette 5 to Bachelor 14), and now Ben Flajnik (Bachelorette 7 to Bachelor 16). Also, let’s not forget never-contestant but two-time Bachelor Brad Womack 2.0 (Bachelor 11 and 15).

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From online feedback, a lot of fans seem fed up with the repeats. They want fresh faces again, even if having a completely new person to the franchise doesn’t guarantee having a lasting engagement or marriage.

Would the franchise ever go back to finding someone new? Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss weighed in on this topic, telling Entertainment Weekly last year, “I can’t imagine how we would ever get back to that. This works so well for us. People are invested in these characters, they are who they are tuning in for. We have enough new blood by design. We have one returning character with 25 or 30 new faces. I don’t think we need new blood across the board. Can you imagine if it was someone not like [Season 7 Bachelorette] Ashley [Hebert, from The Bachelor Season 15], who was brand new? It makes the show feel small of all sudden. It would be hard to get people interested.”

However, people would probably be very interested in a famous “fresh face” Bachelor like, say, Tim Tebow. Still, don’t be fooled by ABC’s promos asking “Do you know someone who would make a great Bachelor...” They are not casting for the one guy for Season 17 or 18. They are probably casting bachelors for future seasons of The Bachelorette, from which the next Bachelor will mostly likely be plucked. Sorry! As they say... don’t hate the player, hate the game. (Or, in the case of this show, love to hate it. See you next season?)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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