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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Why Lindzi Cox Is Best for Ben Flajnik

Ben Flajnik made his official choice months ago but that won’t stop us from retroactively giving him advice on who to pick in the as-yet unaired finale of The Bachelor Season 16. Today we’re suggesting he go with first impression rose-winning Lindzi Cox — and here are five reasons why:

Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

1. They have perfectly balanced chemistry
Lindzi and Ben have the happy medium between Ben’s sex zone chemistry with Courtney Robertson and his friend zone chemistry with Kacie Boguskie. Their body language is comfortable but intimate — with his hands around her and her eyes always bright and locked on his. They seem genuinely into each other in a natural way, but with that all-important spark.

2. She makes him laugh
That’s why she really got the first impression rose — not just because she was clever enough to come up with that ride-in-on-a-horse gimmick. She’s fun, sassy and quick-witted like Emily O'Brien but savvy enough to stay out of the lady drama and just focus on Ben. On that note...

3. She’s stayed out of the drama
Lindzi was the only member of Ben’s final four who hadn't taken sides against anyone or been seen making nasty comments to the camera. She’s even been spotted having a cordial conversation with house leper and fellow final two contestant Courtney Robertson. If Ben really hates drama and wants a woman who gets along with everyone, he needs to pick Lindzi. Lindzi told Ben she doesn’t believe in fighting — to the point that Ben wondered if she was TOO laid-back. (And if Ben thinks you’re too mellow, you may want to check for your pulse.) She told him she gets upset if something’s really important but not over just anything. She did admit to Ben she had cried over their relationship, but it didn’t make her look melodramatic or jealous. It just showed that she’s not so completely poised all the time — she has fragile moments like everyone else.

4. They’ve officially started their fairy tale love story
In Belize (Episode 7), Ben and Lindzi put a message in a bottle and sent it out to sea. On one side they drew a silly picture and on the other they wrote a serious note to reflect the balance of their relationship. They started their note “Once upon a time...” officially launching their own fairy tale love story. Ben even wrote in his blog that he’ll always remember that fairy tale story and he’s thought about it a lot since then.

5. She can’t go back to Dumpsville
Honestly, it would just be cruel to dump Lindzi after she shared her story of an ex banishing her to Dumpsville (via text!). If Ben had let her go early in the season, maybe that’d be OK, but it’s too late now. She’s already made it to the final four and all signs point to her continuing on. Is Ben really so mean that he would let her get so close to happiness then send her right back to Dumpsville? We know he doesn’t like things to be sugar-coated but that would be straight-up sour.

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