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Jersey Shore

Details on Snooki’s $55,000 Engagement Ring — She Was Dropping Hints!

Snooki is known for her over-the-top fashion and tendency towards the extreme, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that her engagement ring, though pricey, is actually pretty restrained and — dare we say it? — classy. The main stone manages to be large but not gaudy, and there isn't a whiff of animal print in sight. Her fiance, Jionni LaValle, must have good taste.

E! spoke to Ben Bekdas, the jeweler who co-designed the ring with Jionni, to learn more about how this $55,000 princess-cut beauty came about.

The ring is from B&B Jewelry in Wayne, NJ. According to Bekdas, "Snooki was [in the store] a few months ago to pick up a birthday present from her father. She was dropping hints to Jionni and tried a couple of rings on."

However, Bekdas assures the world that Jionni designed the ring without any direct input from the guidette. "Jionni came in by himself two months ago and we started designing the ring together. He picked it up last month."

Jionni passed this first pre-marriage test with flying colors — apparently Snooki liked the ring so much, the couple plans to go back the B&B to look at wedding bands.

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