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Spoiler Update: Will Glee’s New Hottie Be a Threat to Kurt and Blaine?

There’s so much chit-chat around the Glee-verse these days about all the different ways that Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) could break up that we’re kinda starting to believe the hype! Potential love interests for Sebastian (Grant Gustin)? The possible realization of Kurtofsky? News that Chris Colfer isn’t sure we’re gonna like where Kurt is heading? A NEW GAY CHARACTER?

We’re paranoid, guys!

BUT, thanks to our partners-in-TV-lovin’ over at TVLine, we’re restin’ a little easier today. ONE of these theories has now been officially debunked!

A source at the show tells TVLine that the new guy, Chandler, will hardly have time to make any splash – orrr, do any damage! – at all. Says the source, he “appears in one scene, and [a] relatively unimportant one at that.”

Why all the specificity when casting this new character, then? Perhaps they just wanted to be sure to find a joyful hottie for the role? Weiiird.

At any rate, we’ll go ahead and breathe one giganto sigh of relief on behalf of all Klaine ‘shippers. …for now.

Source: TVLine

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03.8.2012 / 02:01 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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