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Pretty Little Liars

Is There More to ”A” Than Meets the Eye? Clues That the Reveal Won’t Tell the Whole Story

As most Pretty Little Liars fans know, we've been promised that we will discover "A"'s identity in the Season 2 finale (Episode 25: “UnmAsked”). Exciting, right?

However, we've long wondered if "A" is not a single person, but perhaps a group of people working together. Now, a few recent comments from cast members have gotten us pondering how much of the story "A"'s identity will really tell.

Why? Here are the clues that there might be more to "A" than meets the eye:

The books: In the books, there is more than one "A." Yes, everyone has said "A" won't be the same as it is in the books, but the writers could still have been inspired by Sara Shepard's idea to have more than one person involved with the "A" moniker while going in a different direction with it. For instance, in the books it wasn't a big group of people working together. Maybe it is in the show — that would certainly be different.

The show must go on: The cast and crew have said that finding out "A"'s identity opens up a whole new can of worms for the Liars. Obviously that could mean lots of things, but if the Liars receive another "A" text while they are talking to the revealed "A," or something like that, it would certainly provide lots of mystery for Season 3.

"That's how crazy it is": In a recent interview, Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh), when asked if he ever thought Toby could be "A," said, "I did think he was going to be ‘A,’ I did, and I still don't know if he's ‘A’ or not, that's how crazy it is."

While this could just be a joke designed to throw viewers off until the very end, this comment seems to indicate that even finding out "A"'s identity doesn't wrap up all of the questions about who "A" is. Could it be because "A" is more than just one person?

"A" keeps stalking?: In a recent interview, Ashley Benson (Hanna) mentioned that Pretty Little Liars might end up having four seasons, and then a movie to wrap it all up. That's not the clue, this is: When talking about what the movie could be like, Ashley said, "We’d all want to go somewhere we’ve never been before. To be followed around by ‘A’ in a whole other state or country could be really exciting."

Why is she still envisioning that they'll be followed by "A" two seasons and a movie from now, if we're finding out the whole truth about who "A" is in the finale? It's possible she means that whoever the stalker is will keep on harassing the girls even after they know who (s)he is, but maybe it's because there is more to the "A" identity than just one person's name.

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