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David Boreanaz On The Bones Season 7 Finale: “You’re Not Going to be Happy” — Wetpaint at PaleyFest!

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of parents Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) would make on Bones — and let’s be honest, there’s been plenty of time to ponder that during the hiatus — you’ll find out very soon! Bones returns with new episodes on April 2, and the first episode back features the much-anticipated arrival of their newborn.

But when the dust settles on their joy, the realities of parenting are going to set in – and it sounds like it could be an amusing, if slightly tumultuous, ride for the couple.

Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to chat to David Boreanaz before the show’s PaleyFest 2012 panel, and got the scoop on Booth’s post-partum emotions, and the shocking finale.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How is the baby going to change the dynamics between Booth and Brennan?
The way it’s been unfolding, Booth is a bit of a mess. He’s just trying to wrap his head around where a child could go to school, and why they’re not married, and Catholicism and how you deal with that and [Brennan]’s just so realistic about these things, and saying things that are a little rude to me and I get very upset and it plays on my mind. And then there’s a serial killer! It’s going to be a long season. It’s not happy… It’s happy but it’s not! It’s a lot to deal with.

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There’s a movie being made about Booth and Brennan based on her books, and “Andy Lister” is going to be on the big screen. How is Booth feeling about that?
To Booth, Hollywood is just not right. There’s a lot going on. The first time I meet my character, who’s playing me, I’m in my makeshift office which looks so over-done, and this guy comes down the hallway. I don’t know who he is, so I pull him down and I pull his big gun and the guy’s just playing me. He just wanted to arrive like I would. And I wouldn’t arrive like that! It’s probably one of the best [episodes] that we’ve done because it was so over the top. It was great.

Brennan wants Booth to propose and Booth probably won’t because he expects her to. Will that keep them from ever getting married?
I don’t know about that. Booth’s probably wants it, he’s made it very clear to her. She obviously has some things she’s got to deal with in her life. Maybe Booth has to deal with some stuff too. I know we’re doing a 9/11 episode next, and everything that’s so related to Booth hits him home a little hard, so when those little moments hit him, he gets a little vulnerable.

The relationship’s got to develop into that, hopefully. Maybe it won’t. But I do know the season finale is going to be a “How could that person do that?” moment. You’re not going to be happy guys, I’m telling you right now.

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