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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Is Upset That Kim Zolciak Mentioned Her Fiance AJ’s Death and Daughter Riley

Even though the housewives were only in South Afica for 10 days, it feels like an eternity given all of the catfights and shenanigans that went down.

Judging by Kandi Burruss’s latest blog for, she feels the same way and is ready to put all of the drama that stemmed from the Africa trip behind her once and for all.

Kandi starts off by writing, “I’m sick of this whole black baby drama,” and then maintains that she still sticks by her original opinion about Kim Zolciak and the orphanage.

“I don’t think Kim would’ve gone, and I don’t see her at the orphanage. It has nothing to do with the children being black, I just don’t see her there. It doesn’t matter if the orphanage was in Africa or Asia, I just don’t see it and I really don’t see what the big deal was about what I said,” she continues.

As for the fight that occurred at Kim’s house once all the Smalls were reunited in Atlanta, Kandi maintains that she was tired of arguing. “After going back and forth so long, it was easier just to let it go.”

“They didn’t get nor did they want to understand my point of view,” she continues.

While Kandi was ready to put that disagreement behind her, she was understandable upset over something that was said elsewhere in the episode.

Kandi explains, “I was not feeling the scene where Kim was talking to her landlord/interior designer [Kendra Davis] about her keeping Riley when A.J passed. I mean my daughter has spent the night at her house plenty times. Was there any reason she had to go on about that occasion?”

While Kandi may have been peeved at Kim, she really didn’t like what Kendra had to say.

Kandi writes, “When she said to Kim, ‘Well you held that little black baby,’ as she referred to my daughter, I was thinking, ‘Bitch, don’t go there!’ I was heated.”

“Seriously, don’t even bring my daughter’s name up when you’re trying to make a point about a negative subject. I will let your ass have it in the worst way,” she continues.

We would not want to be on Kandi’s bad side.

03.9.2012 / 12:01 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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