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Dancing With The Stars

Miss Lacey Schwimmer? Here Are Her 5 Best DWTS Dances

We know Lacey Schwimmer isn’t competing on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 because she’s a busy lass with a lot going on, but we’ll definitely miss her vivacious sparkle. Are you also missing the bubbly dance pro? Here are five of her most memorable DWTS routines to tide you over until her appearance on a Season 14 Results Show:

5. Mark Dacascos, Season 9, Week 5, Paso Doble

Mark never got enough love on Season 9, which was much more experimental with dance styles than they've been lately. On Week 4, the brunette Lacey danced a Country Two Step with Mark that was deemed the most exciting Two Step of the week. Then, on Week 5, Lacey really got wild with her hair and costume for a pretty intense and under-appreciated Paso Doble. It wasn't the greatest Paso of all time, but Lacey sure looked memorable and Mark got to show off his athletic skills.

4. Kyle Massey, Season 11, Week 1 Cha-Cha-Cha

Kyle & Lacey were instant fan favorites after their prep school-themed Cha-Cha on the premiere. This dance set the tone for them as the young, fun, hip, happy, and majorly entertaining couple of Season 11, taking them all the way to second place. Kyle — aka Captain Charisma — was a perfect match with Miss Lacey. They were so cute. This routine prompted Carrie Ann Inaba to call Kyle "dynamite" and announce "you are officially my first crush of Season 11!" Bruno Tonioli compared Kyle to a naughty little puppy he wanted to take home. Kyle had no problem with that. Can you imagine how upset Chaz Bono probably would've been?

3. Lance Bass, Season 7, Week 9, Jitterbug

Lance & Lacey — even their names were a perfect match. They took third place on Season 7, which was also Lacey's DWTS debut. They got the best scores of the season for their Jitterbug, just one point shy of a perfect 30. This dance was better received than their finale Freestyle, maybe because Lance's shoe came off halfway through the routine but he kept going as if it was meant to happen. Tom Bergeron said it was the most amazing thing he'd seen since Kelly Monaco's strap broke on Season 1. Still, this dance wasn't quite as good as their Mambo, which got one less point.

2. Lance Bass, Season 7, Week 9, Mambo

Lacey literally shook her (bizarre!) tail feather in this Mambo with Lance, which earned them a 10 and two 9s. It didn't quite get the points of their joyous Jitterbug but, watching this, it's hard to tell who is the pro and who is the newbie.

1. Kyle Massey, Season 11, Week 8, Instant Jive

Kyle & Lacey had so many great routines — their Samba, their "Jai Ho" Argentine Tango, their "Tootsee Roll" Freestyle. But perhaps most impressive was their Instant Jive. No one had any idea what the "instant dances" would be like when they debuted on Season 11. The couples don't get their music until about 20 minutes before they perform?! Yikes. We were expecting something of a trainwreck and instead got the best idea to hit DWTS since they started recruiting from So You Think You Can Dance. Kyle & Lacey were the first ones to showcase the new theme — and crushed it. You'd have thought they'd practiced to "Good Golly Miss Molly" the whole week. The instant dances are now a season favorite, partly due to this fantastic debut.

Dancing With the Stars Season 14 premieres Monday, March 19 at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC.

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