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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Source Backs up Taylor Armstrong’s Story About Russell Trying to Drown Her in a Pool

Some have speculated that Taylor Armstrong’s allegations that her late husband, Russell, physically and mentally abused her throughout their marriage were exaggerated. The Daily Beast questioned the timeline of certain events when Taylor claimed Russell hit her.

During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 Reunion, Taylor told one story that had many skeptics shaking their heads in disbelief. Bravo’s Andy Cohen asked about a certain portion from her book,Hiding From Reality, where she said Russell threw her into a pool and allegedly tried to drown her. The altercation allegedly happened after Russell overheard Taylor say to her friend, “Just take care of Kennedy if anything happens.” Now, Taylor’s friend, whom she declined to name at the reunion, has been identified. According to Radar Online, Jennifur Diamond and then-husband Mark Alsentzer were the couple involved in the horrific incident.

“Clearly in one of his blind rages, Russell — who was 5’9” — grabbed Mark, who was much bigger than Russell — and threw him into the swimming pool, “ Taylor wrote in her memoir. “As Mark was trying to climb out of the deep end, Russell bent over the side of the pool, repeatedly punching him … He then jumped up, grabbed me, and threw me into the pool. Then he held me under the water. Jennifer later told me that she worried, while watching, that Russell had held me under long enough to drown me.”

A source tells Radar, "Mark got 16 stitches and had work done on his teeth because of what Russell did … I can't be sure that Russell gave them money to stay quiet, but he definitely gave them money to cover the expenses of Mark's medical stuff which was somewhere around $12,000." The source also says hat the police were called and a report was filed, but Taylor convinced them not to press charges.

It took months for Jennifur and Taylor to mend their friendship, says Radar’s source. “But after Russell committed suicide, Jennifur was there for Taylor, no questions asked."

Sources: Radar Online, Hiding From Reality

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