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True Blood

10 Reasons We Love Lafayette Reynolds on True Blood

Is Lafayette too good to be true? So far, every “trustworthy” character on True Blood has turned out to betray us (way to suck, Bill), but Lala’s a man we can count on.

1. His killer style. Every time Lafayette comes on screen, we’re all, "Dayum hookah!" Or something. Our favorite is when he rocks a dangley earring paired with a flashy do-rag. Kanye West wishes he could dress so fine. We’re not alone in loving Lala’s fashion — Jason totally wants a pair of those gold pants.

2. His swag. Have you checked out Lafayette’s house? It’s like a circus of religious icons up in that joint. It’s no surprise that they all came alive and started chatting to him! His decor is totally HGTV worthy: so many beaded curtains, so much gold, so much velvet. It’s a pimp’s paradise!

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

3. His snarky ‘tude. If we could be BFFs with anybody on True Blood, it would be Lafayette. (OK, fine, it would be Eric, but only because of a little thing called “friends with benefits.”) This boy tells it like it is!

4. His eclectic hobbies. Well, maybe selling V is more of a job than a hobby, but that dirty web cam totally counts. You know Lala just runs that site for laughs.

5. His relationship with Eric. Is it just us, or do Eric and Lafayette have a bromance going on? It all started when Eric locked Lala up in Fangtasia’s basement and ate his fellow slave. Sure, Lafayette was traumatized, but then he started having all sorts of dirty dreams about Eric. We swear we’ve seen these two eye-sex each other.

6. His sweet new wheels. Speaking of Lafayette’s quasi-bromance with Eric, did you see the “I’m sorry for locking you up, shooting, and eating you” gift that Eric bought him? We’d let Eric suck our blood for a car (or for free), no prob!

7. His one-liners. At this point, Lafayette’s doozies are the main inspiration for our day-to-day vocab. Raise your hand if you don’t call all your friends “bitch” and “hookah.”

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

8. He has smarts. We love True Blood’s cast of crazies, but they’re all kinda dumb-dumbs. Just look at Jason “I wanna lick your mind” Stackhouse. Lala must have gone to school in a different podunk town, because he’s always dishing out words of wisdom. Remember guys: “Sookie don’t need no bad juju cooking.” Words to live by.

9. He’s all about family. Lafayette is always there for Tara and his loony tunes mom. He even deals drugs and works a crappy shift at Merlotte’s to help support them. That kind of loyalty is hard to come by in a town filled with inbred panthers who kill their uncle-daddies.

10. He positively represents the gay community. Bon Temps is anything but homogeneous thanks to Lafayette’s homo-genius! True Blood has gotten mad critical acclaim for it’s portrayal of LGBT characters. The show just nabbed a GLAAD award, and it’s all thanks to rock star characters like Lala!

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