Amy and Ben’s Relationship: Play Secret Life Two Truths and a Lie
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Amy and Ben’s Relationship: Play Secret Life Two Truths and a Lie

Ben and Amy aren't together anymore (she's engaged to Ricky, he's in a committed relationship with his teddy bear), but their romance will forever haunt our dreams.

If you think you know every detail about Ben and Amy's ill-fated relationship on Secret Life of the American Teenager, put your knowledge to the test with "Two Truths and a Lie"!

We'll give your three facts about Bamy's romantic history and your job is to tell us which one is fiction.

The only thing harder than this quiz is Ricky's hair coif.

A. Ben Has Asked Amy to Marry Him Twice
Straight up: Ben is addicted to marriage proposals. He's yet to get through a season of Secret Life without popping the question to some unsuspecting teen, and Amy was a victim of his surprise proposals not once, but twice. Ben first proposed to Amy during a picnic, and then he asked her to marry him again at her house. Sigh, they don't call him the sausage prince for nothing!

B. Ben and Amy Had Sex Before They Broke Up
We had our issues with Ben and Amy's impromptu wedding (it was one big fashion crime), but the night after was pure bliss! Ben and Amy's first time was so sweet and simple, and even though the cameras cut away to commercial break (damn you!), we could tell Amy enjoyed Ben's skills in the sack.

C. Ben And Amy's First Date Was at the Carnival
Ben knows how to treat a lady right, and he knocked Amy's pregnant socks off when he took her to a carnival for their first date. Of course she became nauseous after binge eating hot dogs (not to be confused with sausage), but still. Totally romantic in an awkward "I'm secretly pregnant" way.