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The Bachelor

Ben and Courtney: A Bachelor 16 Love Story (Yes, Really) — Part 2

Like it or not — believe it or not — a love story has been playing out on The Bachelor Season 16 between Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, but it hasn’t been all all wine and roses for the two.

Even if you’re not completely Team B + C, you gotta admit it’s been quite the entertaining if not romantic ride.

We recounted the first part of their crazy Bachelor “journey," now read on for more:

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4. Their rooftop moment

In Episode 3 — before Courtney called Shawntel Newton "what's her butt" and basically laid down the law that the funeral director had to go — Ben and Courtney had a nice moment on the roof of a San Francisco hotel. They held hands and he told her he had been thinking about her a lot in the past week. “I don’t know what you did to me that day...” He said he couldn't get her out of his head. He didn’t expect to feel something so quickly. Neither did she. They had an official Moment. And then she said “I think we'd make cute babies.” Too soon!

5. Their fly fishing quality time

Courtney was on the group date in Episode 4, but she made it her own private date with Ben by actually approaching him to talk. Courtney was a natural fisherwoman, and she compared catching fish to catching a man. Ben loved fishing with her and liked that she went to him — Ben always loves when the women show they are interested. The jealousy brigade hated Courtney for this, but they were wrong. If you are here for Ben, why not approach Ben instead of sitting around doing nothing? Courtney got the group date rose and Ben gave her a passionate hands-on-the-face kiss.

6. Their skinny dipping session

By this point, Ben had already told Emily O'Brien to shut her pie hole about not liking Courtney. Yup. He was officially Team Courtney. But he really sealed the Courtney deal when accepted her invitation for the two to take a (secret) nude dip in the ocean together. She showed up after dark at his abode in Puerto Rico and it didn’t take much convincing to get him to strip down and dive in. Afterwards, Ben said he and Courtney shared “an intimate moment” and he felt “crappy” about it. Halfway through the season and they'd already had a walk of shame.

To Be Continued...

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