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The Bachelor

Courtney Vs. Lindzi: 10 Biggest Differences Between Ben Flajnik’s Final Two

Only one episode left!

It’s the final countdown (doo doo DOO doo, do do doo-doo-dooooo). Ben Flajnik is down to his two favorite special lady friends on The Bachelor Season 16: Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox. They are very different. and here’s a breakdown of how they roll:

1. Romantic History
Lindzi: Has only had one major relationship — she lived with a guy who eventually texted her tush to Dumpsville.
Courtney: Tends to date famous names, from TV actors to celebrity photographers and Reese Witherspoon’s agent hubby.

2. Chemistry with Ben
Lindzi: Good mix of serious and fun, friendship and romantic spark, although their kisses are still awkward and a bit sloppy. She seems more into him than he is into her, at this point.
Courtney: She has him tied around her little finger and you can see in his eyes that he’s smitten beyond reason. How does she feel? Harder to say.

3. Spirit Animals
Lindzi: Loves horses, but has a cute little dog similar to Ben’s dog Scotch.
Courtney: Befriends tarantulas and gets compared to black widows but bonded early on with Ben’s dog Scotch.

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4. Voice
Lindzi: Husky and sexy-scratchy, but sometimes it sounds like she has a sore throat.
Courtney: Breathy and high, sometimes sing-song girlie like Marilyn Monroe.

5. Drama Level
Lindzi: Stays out of drama, hates to fight, gets along with everyone (even Courtney), doesn’t even trash talk to the cameras.
Courtney: At the center of the drama, not afraid to launch it right in people’s faces, adding more little comments to the cameras.

6. Sense of Humor
Lindzi: Jokes around with Ben (telling him her horse’s name was “First Impression Rose,” but doesn’t make funny comments to the camera.
Courtney: Her snarky comments about the other girls tend to fall flat in the house (and with lots of viewers at home) but we appreciate that she at least tries to entertain. The cardinal sin of reality TV is to be boring and Courtney is not boring.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney    

7. Fathers
Lindzi: Dad encourages trash-talking during horse carriage rides but otherwise is sweet and low-key, appreciates Ben’s moral character and just doesn’t want Lindzi to be hurt like she was over the Dumpsville guy
Courtney: Dad thinks marriage is a gamble, but he really wants a son-in-law and grandkids so he’s totally hoping to snag Ben for family reunion backup against his wife and two daughters.

8. Most Romantic Moment
Lindzi: Writing a fairy tale “once upon a time...” love story with Ben and putting it in a bottle that was sent off to sea in Belize.
Courtney: Sharing wedding vows with Ben that, sure, she partially borrowed from Sex and the City, but they were good general sentiments. And her entire vows weren’t borrowed.

9. Worst Moment
Lindzi: That painfully awkward open-mouth kiss mid-hometown date discussion, plus the fact that she was the second choice for her first one-on-one date with Ben (after Brittney Schreiner passed) and she didn’t even realize that their date location in San Francisco was also where her parents got married.
Courtney: So many options. Probably when Emily O’Brien finally cowboy-ed up and apologized for trashing her to Ben and Courtney not only failed to accept the apology, she made herself look like the petty, childish one instead of taking the high road.

10. Best Character Moment
Lindzi: When she told Ben she doesn’t believe in fighting and only gets upset when something is really important.
Courtney: When she admitted, to the cameras anyway, that she regretted saying mean things about the other girls in the house and wished things had been different.

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