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The Bachelorette

The Men Tell All – About The Bachelor 16 Women! – Exclusive

The “Women Tell All” episode can be counted on to provide the most drama-driven two hours of any given Bachelor season and Season 16 was no different; the women sure told all — to the camera, to ex Ben Flajnik, and most definitely to Courtney Robertson. Now, two of your favorite Bachelor men are telling all… about the women! DeAnna Pappas’ Bachelors, Jesse Csincsak and Richard Mathy, had plenty to say about the scene that unfolded at the WTA special.

Considering all the drama since Blakeley’s departure, we almost forgot about what went down while she was on the show — namely, when Courtney called her a stripper. Tell-all takeaway No. 1: The Season 16 women are certainly capable of holding a grudge. Rich points out, “Blakeley seems like the type of girl who partially brought it on herself by being very out there, however the girls […] probably weren't the most welcoming. A little birdie told me that in Utah, no one wanted to room with her.”

Emily and Nicki were early frontrunners and seemingly the most beloved women of the season (in addition to Kacie B., of course). Even according to outspoken Jesse, who gushes “I think [Emily is] rad.” But, the women we love are not often the source of drama when the ladies reunite. According to Rich, “Both Emily and Nicki's time in the hot seat were rather vanilla… ‘Are you hurt, are you over it?’ — plain questions. I guess it goes to show how much Courtney carried the season.” We won’t disagree. Courtney definitely carried the season!


Speaking of Courtney…The biggest question now is whether or not her apology to the women was sincere. Rich and Jesse don’t buy it. Rich said, “Who knows what to believe out of this girl's mouth? This reeked of a redemption moment out of the producers to make people feel sorry for Courtney. I for one am not buying what she is selling.”

Jesse agrees that her apology seemed like a production stunt; “Courtney, if you’re reading this, stop doing anything the producers tell you to! It’s for their own good, not yours!”

So how is Ben handling all the drama? Rich and Jesse aren’t his biggest fans. Rich says: “Ben felt too scripted answering the questions [at the WTA]. I feel like the honesty we all felt with him after being dumped by Ashley is now gone.” Jesse is right on the same page; “I have never been a fan of Ben. I feel like he’s a robot doing whatever production tells him to! Also, he’s never had this many girls hit on him ever in his life, so he’s totally out of his comfort zone!”

We can’t help but wonder – how would Rich and Jesse handle a girl like Courtney if she came on to them? “I'm not attracted to Courtney,” says Rich, “but, I have to admit I am a sucker for girls that don't give me what I want... call it human nature. Where I differ from Ben is I would have heeded the warnings of Emily and been a little more cautious about my feelings. I also wouldn't let a girl see my junk for the first time in a cold ocean.” As for Jesse, “It takes more than a naked girl to win me over. I would have sent that girl packing the second she said ‘I am at the point in my life where I am a model.’ What does that even mean?”

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