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The Bachelor

Ben and Courtney: A Bachelor 16 Love Story (Yes, Really) — Part 3

Like it or not — believe it or not — a love story has been playing out on The Bachelor Season 16 between Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, but it hasn’t been all all wine and roses for the two.

Even if you’re not completely Team B + C, you gotta admit it’s been quite the entertaining if not romantic ride.

We recounted the first and second part of their crazy Bachelor “journey," now read on for more:

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7. Their B + C = ♥ connection

The ladies were appalled (again!) by Courtney going native with the natives in Panama, but Ben had no problem with it. He was right there with her, baring almost all in his tiny loincloth. Courtney painted “B + C = ♥” on Ben’s back and Emily snapped that it gave her flashbacks to seventh grade — which her jealous trash-talking had been giving us for weeks. That night, Ben stole Courtney away and they leaned into each other with clear “I’m into you” body language. Ben told her "I really appreciate the fact that you notice me and you’re assertive and confident and I really like those things about you.” He asked if those things got her in hot water with the other women. She said they do. He told her not to stop doing them. Which leads us to...

8. Their bikini distraction moment

Bless her heart, Jamie Otis was never right for Ben. So, in Episode 6, while she was babbling to Ben about not being open enough with him, Courtney stripped down to a bikini in the background and pranced around. They weren't exactly right next to each other, but Jamie herself was distracted enough by Courtney to not even want to kiss Ben. Ben eventually decided The Courtney Show was more interesting than Jamie's babbling and started to watch her, too.

9. Their

By Episode 7 in Belize, Courtney was so tired of just hanging around in the house with women who didn't like that she basically said she wanted another one-on-one date or she was leaving. Fair enough since, by then, Emily, Kacie Boguskie and Lindzi Cox had all had second individual dates. Of course the women flipped out about that, but then Ben did give Courtney another date and they openly discussed her personality and feelings. The negative energy in the house paired with her lack of time with Ben basically stole her spark. For the first time, Ben actually had to work to woo a woman. He told her, “Out of anyone that’s been here you’re the one that consistently seems to care.” He added why he likes her in particular. “I want a woman with a little bit of edge. I want someone that’s a little bit weird. I think I’m kind of strange. I’m kind of a weird guy, you know, I feel like you are nicely — I don’t know how to put it — unique. Very unique. I like those little things about you.” She said not everyone gets that. It was their most romantic moment up to this point. Plus, they bonded with Terry the tarantula.

To Be Continued

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