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The Bachelor

Are Reality Steve’s Spoilers About Who Wins The Bachelor Season 16 Wrong? — Speculation!

Is it wishful thinking or just hedging your bets to question whether Reality Steve’s sources are right about the finale of The Bachelor Season 16?

Steve is very confident that Ben Flajnik picks Courtney Robertson over Lindzi Cox in the end — but Steve was also 100 percent sure that Ali Fedotowsky would walk away solo on The Bachelorette Season 6 and that Brad Womack would pick Chantal O'Brien over Emily Maynard on The Bachelor Season 15. And since he is the only one — besides his sources — who knows why he’s so confident about Ben/Courtney, why wouldn’t viewers without such proof speculate that the ending may be wrong again? (Blind faith is so 2010!)

Is Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss preparing a surprise?

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

As Bachelorette Blog speculated:

"Could it be that Courtney Robertson rejects the final rose? The answer is YES, it very easily could be!

….or perhaps less likely, does this season actually conclude with Lindzi approaching Ben before the final rose ceremony to break things off, then leaving Ben with just Courtney Robertson whom he had actually left there just for the producers? This would suggest that in an effort to save face, if you will, he proposes and then they break things off the following day? After all, nobody wants to go on the show anymore and not propose…that’s Brad Womack medicine. :-)

This is merely Spoiler Speculation (FOR NOW) but the talk around the watercooler (Bachelor forums and discussions boards) is people seem to think something is brewing and it’s not your normal coffee….it’s Bachelor Brew!! Two teaspoons of Mike Fleiss and lots of Sugar… Mike likes to Suprise ya!"

There doesn’t need to be any kind of rejection for the finale to have drama. It’s more likely we’re looking at another classic final one (F1) vs. final two (F2) situation. But could The Powers That Be be leading us down a false trail to make us think Ben picks “Evil Courtney” when in fact he picks Lindzi? Has Reality Steve (called RS on boards) been “Fleissed” again by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss?

That’s one question being debated on @bachspoilerfans’ very active Bachelor 16 F1/F2 speculation and spoilers forum.

One of their posters, called Blondiegal, was first to reveal that Ali was in fact engaged to Roberto Martinez on Bachelorette Season 6. Blondie also “confirmed” Emily Maynard as the Season 8 Bachelorette a week before Steve posted his information. Blondie said she hasn’t been watching Ben’s season and doesn’t have spoilers at this point, but the rest of the crowd is busy speculating, coming up with arguments for why Courtney may not be the final one. A poster named shoepie wrote, “Until the end I will wish/hope that Fleiss punked RS and he was able to keep F1 under wraps.”

Is Courtney getting a winner’s edit?

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We know she loves to say “winning!” but is Courtney really being presented as the winner? Are they giving us Vienna Girardi 2.0 because that’s just how it is or because that Good vs. Evil scenario worked for ratings on Jake Pavelkas Season 14? It’s not like any fan would be happy to see another Jake & Vienna, so if Ben does pick a Vienna type, wouldn’t they try to soften that blow instead of giving Courtney crazy villain music and playing up how fake she might be?

A spoiler forums poster called Mommyof1 asked, “If Courtney is F1 when all is said and done, then why did [Chris Harrison] say this season is a ‘homerun’? Sorry, if I misquoted him. How can it be a homerun if the most despised woman is chosen? Something does not make sense here and I am not 100% convinced that she is F1. It's just too in ‘your face’, if you will. no idea.”

The Bachelor tends to question things about both his final ladies. For example, in Season 14 — which best matches the drama on screen now — it came down to Vienna vs. Tenley Molzahn, aka Evil vs. Good. Ali Fedotowsky operated as the leader of the anti-Vienna squad, just like Emily O'Brien appears to be the leader of the anti-Courtney squad. Jake questioned his physical chemistry with Tenley while spending the entire season defending Vienna against everyone.

Does it mean anything that Ben is defending Courtney?

Credit: Ron Koeberer/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Ben has defending Courtney off the show as well as on the show, to naysayers like Emily O'Brien. Some fans see Ben defending Courtney — especially calling her "how'd that taste coming out of your mouth" comment a "sick burn" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — as a sign that she is currently his lady. But, remember, Brad Womack defended Chantal O'Brien in press for The Bachelor Season 15 and begged people not to take her premiere slap so seriously. At the time, it sounded like he was defending his fiancee, but he was really just trying to get the heat off her back and being a nice guy.

It may also be that, if Ben is NOT engaged to Courtney, he feels sorry for her because spoiler readers are treating her like a usurper unfit to be chosen over Lindzi, Kacie Boguskie and the rest of the “likable” girls.

Or he could very well be engaged to Courtney and he’s trying to publicly defend his own decision while silently cursing ABC for turning America against the woman he loves. Or maybe he’s just defending her because he feels like he has to, all while preparing for the inevitable breakup, now that he sees what she’s really like.

Then again, she did call Shawntel Newton “what’s her butt” right in front of Ben and he didn’t seem to care, so if he did pick her, maybe they deserve each other?

**UPDATE!** We now have photographic evidence that Ben DOES indeed propose to... CLICK HERE!

Steve knows fans are going to question his spoilers up until the finale and he has no love for the forums out there. When asked if he had any comment on the Bachelorette Blog speculation that his spoilers are wrong, Steve told Wetpaint Entertainment, “I don't give a rat's a** what those people say. The minute I read ‘talk around the water cooler (Bachelor forums and discussion boards),’ I laugh and stop reading. These people are clueless to what I know, how I know it, and where I get my info from. Let them speculate all they want. I don't care.”

You can always count on fiery honesty from the big guy!

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