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The Kardashians

Divorce Drama! Inside Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ Joint Bank Account

The rumor mill just keeps churning out news about the terms of Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries, with the latest gossip being that Kris wants $7 million from Kim to end their marriage. The latest wrinkle? Despite the fact that Kris himself profited hugely from the couple's headline-grabbing wedding, sources close to Kris claim that he's never touched any of that cash — which remains in a joint bank account in both Kris and Kim's names.

Before their wedding, TMZ reports, the lovebirds opened a joint bank account together, to hold wedding-related funds generated from photos, appearances, and selling the broadcast rights to their wedding. All that money was stored in the joint account, to which Kim and Kris both had access — but reportedly, Kris has never withdrawn any money from that account.

Given reports that Kris doesn't care about the money, only his reputation, and just wants to see the marriage annulled for being fraudulent, it sounds about right that he would have avoided touching the funds stored in that joint bank account. Although we certainly don't envy either Kim or Kris the drama of a divorce, having bank accounts containing millions of dollars that you can just ignore? That part doesn't sound too bad!

Source: TMZ

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