Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 4: Are Khloe and Lamar Turkey-Bound?
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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 4: Are Khloe and Lamar Turkey-Bound?

This week’s Khloe & Lamar was pretty low-key. It all starts with Khlomar in bed — and on the phone with sister Kourtney. We always knew this family was close, but man! And if that’s not awkward enough, Khloe is gabbing with her elder sister about her sex life, and potentially being her surrogate mother. As we all know, Khloe and Lamar haven’t had the easiest time conceiving, and it sounds like maybe they’ve hit a wall. Sadly, Kourtney isn’t into the idea of carrying her sister’s unborn child. “I love you guys so much, but I’m not getting fat for not my baby,” she says. Can’t argue with that!

This episode shines a light on Lamar’s anxiety over the insanely long NBA lockout. And he’s not just anxious, he’s also incredibly bored. Lam Lam has apparently taken to both playing Hangman and, um, baking to occupy himself. This is getting serious, ya’ll. Boy needs to get back on the court — stat.

Another person suffering from incurable boredom is Lamar’s BFF Jamie, who feels it’s about time to strike out on his own and pursue a career in acting. Don’t get us wrong, we totally support that idea, but in Jamie’s warped little mind, he thinks he’s going to be able to nab acting gigs without putting in much work. Shocker! At this point, he hasn’t so much as taken one acting class, but he’s uber-confident in his abilities. Okay, then! Upon hearing about his plan to star in movies, Khloe makes it known she thinks it’s rather naive of Lamar’s wingman to think somebody’s gonna hand him acting roles on a silver platter.

Jamie might not be into the whole “hard work” thing, but poor Lamar is dying without his job. While picking out an outfit, he stumbles across his Lakers jersey, takes it in his arms and sniffs it. “I miss you,” he says. So sad! Lamar really misses basketball. But wait! As luck would have it, Lamar’s agent Jeff calls that same day with an opportunity for him to play ball in Turkey. Lamar seems open to the idea, but Khloe is not excited at all about the prospect of pond-hopping — especially to Turkey, given her Armenian roots.

Meanwhile, Malika goes all charity case on Jamie and takes it upon herself to educate him on the ins and outs of the acting business — which is far easier said than done. Let’s just say, Jamie shouldn’t quit his day job. Well, we mean, if he had one.

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 4: Are Khloe and Lamar Turkey-Bound?
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And then, Khloe & Lamar starts to look a little like the History Channel, as Khloe narrates and explains the controversial Armenian genocide of the early 1900s, set to a series of photographs. (For those not in the know, the Armenian genocide occurred in 1915-1923, as millions of Armenians were allegedly killed and deported, but it’s an occurrence the Turkish still adamantly deny.) Rob points out that it might be a little weird — and hypocritical — for Khloe to pack up and head to Turkey given her roots.

Later, Jamie decides to take his innate talent to the people and hits up his first casting call. Not so shockingly, he fails. Miserably.

Then, Lamar and Khloe talk the Turkey proposition. Much to Khloe’s dismay, Lamar’s definitely leaning toward the move. Guy misses his game, man! Khloe doesn’t tell Lamar she feels one way or another, but she’s very clearly having a moral dilemma over it. We don’t see this one going over well. Honesty is the best policy, girlfriend!

Later, Khloe confides in Kim, who doesn’t exactly make things easier when she says she got a ton of backlash from fans for being on the cover of international Cosmopolitan, when it hit Turkish shelves in April — the month of the genocide.

Back to Jamie. Coming home from his (horrid) audition, Lamar’s chain-sporting comrade calls Malika and admits he’s embarrassed about how it went down and doesn’t know what to do. So, like the good pal she is, she offers to take him to an acting class.

Then, Khloe comes clean with her man. The usually-brazen Kardashian finally broaches the subject of Turkey with her hubby, and naturally, he’s adorable about the whole thing. “We’ll make these decision together. As a team,” he says. Le sigh. Boys of the world, please, take note.

Up next: it’s acting class time! Rob and Malika tag along for support. And — whodathunk? — with a little practice Jamie actually isn’t so horrible. Practice makes perfect!

As the episode draws to an uneventful close, Lamar finds out the NBA lockout is over. Guess that means there’s no Turkey in this twosome’s future — unless it’s on a sandwich, that is.

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