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The Bachelor

Major Bachelor Season 16 Finale Spoilers! Reality Steve Reveals Who Ben Flajnik Picks and Finale Details

Bachelor Season 16 Spoiler Alert!

Credit: Suntzulynn for LE / Splash News    


Rose lovers, if you really want to know how the whole The Bachelor Season 16 thing plays out and who Ben Flajnik picks, we've got your answers below! CAUTION: There are MAJOR BACHELOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Online, Rosemaster Chris Harrison said Ben Flajnik “likes aggressive, forward girls.” He’s not like Brad Womack. (Brad went with a sweet, reserved lady like Emily Maynard.) To refer to past contestans: Ben's going for more of the Shayne Lamas/Vienna Girardi bad girl type.

Reality Steve released his spoilers on The Bachelor Season 16 finale early in the season, and it seems that Ben is engaged to Courtney Robertson, the model and his Episode 5 skinny-dipping partner.

According to Steve’s blog post:

  • Reality Steve reveals, “So with Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson to choose from, who did Ben choose? The easy going, horse-riding chick, or the girl with the potty mouth that seemed to be disliked by the others in the house and went skinny dipping with Ben in Puerto Rico? Naturally, Ben went with his head. Ben is engaged to Courtney Robertson (Yes, he went with THAT head).”

It may also be worth noting that Ryan Seacrest has promoted Courtney a couple of times now on his radio show. Seacrest's source claims Courtney dumped her long-term boyfriend to go on The Bachelor. Her sincerity and character has been questioned/attacked and defended throughout the season

What do you think of these spoilers? Do you think they will pan out?