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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton Explains Why She Denied Using Anti-Gay Slur, Blames Sheree Whitfield

We’ve always thought Marlo Hampton was a bit off, but when she denied that she ever used an anti-gay slur during the trip to South Africa (despite the fact that the whole exchange was caught on tape), we started to worry that something was seriously wrong.

In a guest blog for, Marlo explains her blatant lie and admits that she was wishing it wouldn’t travel back home, but according to her, Sheree Whitfield had other plans.

She writes, “There I was, all dressed up and ready to play — I expected the evening only to be fun. But Sheree had been waiting.”

“To look at it now, she had it all planned out. She had as fast as she could made sure to tell on me, and like a vulture circling its prey, she had chosen the optimal time to strike — when I least expected it and was defenseless,” Marlo continued.

To be fair, we get the feeling that Marlo and Sheree don’t hang out a lot (read: at all) so this was probably the first time Sheree had seen Marlo since Africa. While Sheree may have stirred the pot, Lawrence asked her to come in the kitchen for his conversation with Marlo.

It’s obvious that Marlo and Sheree don’t get along, but we don’t think Sheree was quite as calculating and malicious as Marlo is making her out to be, and we don’t buy Marlo’s defenseless bit either. Anyone who has been to jail on multiple occasions is far from defenseless, physically or otherwise.

Marlo explains, “I did not want to lie. I wanted the opportunity to explain and to say sorry. But I couldn't, because she [Sheree] was there, gloating, so eager to bring my mistake to light. I felt ambushed, backed into a corner. Her smiling face was so hateful, so cunning.”

“I could not, in front of her, so thirsty to embarrass me, admit to my mistake,” Marlo continues.

Sorry girl, we still aren’t buying your victim act. Sheree (and all the viewers who saw the fight) already knew what really went down so there was no purpose in hiding it. Denying that it ever happened just made you look foolish.

On the bright side, Marlo insists that she and Miss Lawrence have patched things up on their own. “He showed me the courtesy and friendship of asking me himself, and he was willing to listen. For that I love him. He did not rejoice in seeing me stumble. He does not take malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others. For that I respect him.”

And there you have it!