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The Bachelor

NEW Reality Steve Bachelor 16 Spoilers: What to Expect on the After the Final Rose Special

*SPOILER ALERT* Read on for “winning” spoilers, but stop now if you want to be surprised as the show airs.

Credit: Rhonda Churchill/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Spoiler King Reality Steve just posted spoilers for The Bachelor Season 16 After the Final Rose special that will air Monday, March 12, after the two-hour finale.

As previous spoiled, Ben Flajnik proposes to Courtney Robertson. But all has not been wine and roses for the follically blessed couple. (He didn’t even call her on Valentine’s Day?!) In fact, if this is legit, it sounds like the cheating reports might be true, despite Chris Harrison saying the outcome will be “very different” from what tabloids and fans expect.

So without further ado, here are Steve's ATFR spoilers, courtesy of his March 8 blog:

• “As for the ATFR taping, I have a few details to fill you in on, but not much that the tabloids haven’t already covered. There’s zero suspense left. Ben is engaged to Courtney, he gave her the ring, he re-proposed, she said yes, and they were in the safehouse in LA from Sunday night through yesterday getting their groove on. Monday was their photo shoot with “People” magazine that will be the cover story next week. And for all those wondering why “People” magazine will never ever credit me with anything regarding this show, you should have your answer now.

Here’s what else I can tell you:

Emily Maynard was NOT at the ATFR taping. I guess they figured running her promo during the middle of the episode two weeks ago got enough people knowing she’s the next “Bachelorette,” they didn’t feel the need to bring her on again and talk about it.

Ashley [Hebert] and JP [Rosenbaum] did NOT set a wedding date. They came on, talked about their relationship, how happy they are, etc. But any reports that they gave a date is not true. They are moving to New Jersey as you’ve probably seen, since Ashley has gotten a job in Philly, so they decided to split the difference so that each will commute.

• Courtney and Ben did address the problems they had over these last four months, including when he apparently did not call on Valentine’s Day. There was no “absolute 100% breakup,” but there were tough times where I don’t think either thought it was going to last.

• The wedding dress photo shoot last week that Courtney did was purposely done in direct response to take attention away from Ben and the tabloid attacks he was getting about the alleged cheating. This was addressed on the show.

• Ben does address the scandalous pictures and does swear that the women in the pictures were just friends, and also not taken at the time they were claimed to have been taken. He says he never cheated on Courtney. Obviously I wasn’t there, so we’ll have to see exactly how he explained them, but he claims he never cheated.

• As for the media tour for Ben and Courtney – it ain’t happening. I’ve been told neither of them want to do it, they’re basically obligated to do the “People” magazine story, but once the finale airs, they will not be doing a media tour and making the rounds. They have shot down all requests and are going to try and work on their relationship. I’m sure small things will pop up here and there, but in terms of going on all the talk shows, and pimping themselves out to every microphone stuck in there face, I was told it’s going to happen. They are staying away from all media due to the fact that, well, the media has done nothing but publicly rip both of them for the last four months. Makes sense. Probably a good thing.

• Courtney will be spending more time up in San Francisco, and slowly but surely, will start looking for places together with Ben. She wants to move out of LA and start her life with him. They sure are trying to make it work at least. Who knows if it will.”

Steve also added that he had no idea what runner-up Lindzi Cox would say, but he didn’t expect anything earth-shattering. Just the usual stuff.

How do you feel about these spoilers? Anything surprise you? Are you over Ben’s season of The Bachelor and just ready for Emily’s season of The Bachelorette to start?

Source: Reality Steve


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