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The Bachelor

Reality Steve Spoiler: Bachelor Pad Cast To Include “Outsiders” As Well As Past Cast Members

Interesting. Last week both Rosemaster Chris Harrison and ABC exec Robert Mills tweeted excitement about some great Bachelor-related news to be revealed tonight during The Bachelor Season 16 finale and “After the Finale Rose” special. Chris added this morning, "After tonight's show many of our #Bachelor fans will have some homework to do????" Four question marks! Must be serious homework.

So what is the great news? Spoiler King Reality Steve gave details in his blog:

Well, I can tell you now what this announcement will be. It concerns 'Bachelor Pad’... In addition to having the 'Bachelor Pad' cast having former cast members on it, they are going to leave a few spots open to ‘outsiders,’ and anyone can apply.

Whoa. You mean... us commoners will get to rub elbows with (or throw eggs at) our favorite and least favorite Bachelor alum? Sweet! Steve continued:

I think this concept could work, BUT, they’re gonna have to go all out. If you cast 3 or 4 ‘newbies,’ do they really stand a chance under the current rules we’ve seen in the first two seasons? They won’t know anybody going in and they wouldn’t be able to form pre-show alliances. If they really want it to work, I think they have to do what the [MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge] did, and make half the cast former contestants and half the cast newbies. That seems to be the most fair thing to do. But then again, this show isn’t about being fair so who knows if that’ll happen. So that’s the announcement. The public will be able to apply for spots on ‘Bachelor Pad.’ I do not know how many at this point."

They also did that on Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites and the past cast members ended up dominating. Considering Bachelor Pad already favors people who are friends before they show up in the house — even over other cast members they know by name and reputation — it would be hard for the newbies to even make a dent. The Bachelor just held a reunion in January where potential Bachelor Pad 3 cast members could scheme and plan alliances. Maybe the show actually has plans for how to amend that this summer. We’ll see.

How do you feel about this idea? Is your "homework" going to be to apply for BP3? Who would you want to be in an alliance with?

SIDE NOTE: This could be the bridge to give us a “fresh face” as The Bachelor for Season 17 — as in someone who is introduced on BP3 and didn’t go through “the process” on Emily Maynard’s The Bachelorette Season 8. They’d be familiar without being old news and fans would still be interested in seeing more from them by the time BP3 ends in September, as opposed to being over whoever didn’t win Emily’s heart by, say, July. (Just a thought, ABC... )

Source: Reality Steve


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