Bachelor Alumni React to Ben Dumping Lindzi Cox in Season 16 Finale
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Alumni React to Ben Dumping Lindzi Cox in Season 16 Finale

In The Bachelor Season 16 finale, Ben Flajnik famously dismissed Lindzi Cox, choosing to give his final rose — and “forever” — to Courtney Robertson. While we’ve known this end was coming for weeks now, Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to share their outrage after Ben told Lindzi he’d found his “forever” with someone else. Lindzi, bless her heart, remained optimistic, patting Ben awkwardly on the back and telling him, “If things don’t work out, call me.”

But first, a word from the man himself:

@BenFlajnik: ive been informed the end is near. really tough decision.#thebachelor

Bachelor Nation Responds

@contzor Daaaaaaaamn Smokey! Lindzi took that in stride. Pride & dignity intact, I tip my hat. #Bachelor
@jessiesulidis: Maybe it's just me but I don't get it. He said I'm in love with you. And then he said im sorry but I'm in love with someone else? #bachelor
@EmilyCOBrien: @)#$(@)#%*@#%)!&%!#)*$!)%!)&%!)#*$)#(!
@BlakeleyShea: :(
@BlakeleyShea: lindsey, i you are a strong, independent woman and deserve the best.
@JackieGordon: BUT...? A girl never wants to hear that word. No. No no. Screams from the crowd here. Wow, my heart is hurting for Lindzi. #Bachelor

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