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The Bachelor

Ben and Courtney: 5 Reasons Why They WON’T Make It

We want The Bachelor Season 16’s Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson to make it — all the way to a *real* wedding. Seriously. Haters be damned.

But there are plenty of reasons why that may not be the case. Here are five of them.

1. Because no Bachelor couple makes it

To date, no Bachelor has married the woman he chose at the end of the show. Even the one successful Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, ended up marrying his runner-up. So, if we're basing success stories on Bachelor history... keep yourself on standby, Lindzi Cox!

2. Because they aren’t ready for Phase II of media/fan scrutiny

As we already noted in our retroactive suggestion that Ben choose no one, Ben is in way over his head with this thing. The show asks a lot of its Bachelor/ette couples, even after their season is over — including periodic updates on EVERY aspect of their lives from when they are moving in together, to when they are getting married, to whether the nuptials will be televised, to when they will start talking kids, to how they feel about every subsequent season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette... It doesn't sound like Ben and Courtney are up for that, since they just want to run and hide from the media and the fans who've hated on them every step of the way this season.

3. Because Ben wants to be with someone people like

There's really no one that *everyone* likes — not even Emily Maynard or Kacie Boguskie. But Courtney is on the other end of that spectrum. It's possible she'll fit like a glove into his world and his family and friends will adore her. But so many people have been vocal about not liking her and even his Bachelorette 7 Red Dragon twin Constantine Tzortzis spent a good chunk of this season blogging about how manipulative Courtney was. He basically called her a "mistake" and wanted people to back off Ben because he didn't have all the intel on Courtney. So if his Bachelor Nation bestie thinks she's the wrong choice, that's a bad sign for her fitting seamlessly into his world.

4. Because they have very different personalities

Yes, they are both “weird,” as Ben put it, and he likes that she challenges him and keeps him thinking, but his low key side and her more aggressive side could potentially clash. He seems to want to avoid confrontation as long as possible when — if nothing else — Courtney has proved that she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind the second it arrives there. She has also admitted to having trust issues when it comes to men and Ben is a flirtatious guy with lots of lady friends. That could be trouble.

5. Because they are both young, attractive and career-oriented

Ben’s Bachelor/ette gig has given good publicity to Envolve Winery, but at some point he just has to tuck in and get back to work. Courtney also has to get back to work as a model, provided both of them aren’t hurt by the damage this season has done. They may be working overtime to counteract any negativity associated with their brands. Plus, they are both attractive people surrounded by other attractive people. They had a great, legit connection on a reality TV show, but in the real world there’s more than one guy and more than 25 girls and you have more time to get to know all of them. Maybe their relationship will last for a decent length of time and they’ll just break up for the reasons most couples do — communication problems, not enough time together, etc. — and move on to real-world people with no associations to a rocky reality TV experience.

Or maybe they’ll last forever. Who knows.

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03.13.2012 / 08:30 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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