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The Bachelor

Ben and Courtney: A Bachelor 16 Love Story (Yes, Really) — Part 4

Like it or not — believe it or not — a love story has been playing out on The Bachelor Season 16 between Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, but it hasn’t been all all wine and roses for the two.

Even if you’re not completely Team B + C, you gotta admit it’s been quite the entertaining if not romantic ride.

We recounted the first and second and third part of their crazy Bachelor “journey," which comes to a close tonight, now read on for more:

10. Their hometown date wedding

A glowing Courtney showed a softer side during her hometown date in Arizona, having some time to reflect and realize she may have said some... no, a lot of things during her time on The Bachelor that would come back and bite her in the butt. Her parents and sister liked Ben and her mom said Courtney seemed to be falling in love. Courtney and Ben had their next most romantic moment when she had them go through a mock wedding ceremony. Sure, she borrowed part of her fake vows from Sex and the City, but they were good sentiments and she told him she loves him. When coming up with his surprisingly heartfelt and beautiful vows, Ben said "I’m figuring out ‘What are the things I like most about this woman?’ She challenges me. She keeps me on my toes. She’s funny. she’s confident. She’s sexy. She’s beautiful. I don’t know. She keeps me thinking. She keeps me thinking." So sweet.

• Ben’s vows for Courtney:

From the moment I saw you, you took my breath away. What I asked myself after our first date was ‘Is this too good to be true?’ The answer that I found in Belize is ‘No.’ You’re incredible. I love how you make me feel when I’m in your presence. You are strong, kind and beautiful and I find myself falling for you more and more every time I’m with you. You are real and honest. So I want to say thank you for believing in me and trusting that we would get to this point after an incredible journey.

• Courtney’s vows for Ben:

Ben, I’m looking for love. Real love, passionate, consuming, can’t live without each other love. To love unconditionally a partner and best friend for the rest of my life. When I look at you from across the room I know your happiness is the key to mine. To love and to hold and to nurture. I’ll give you my hand, my heart, I will trust you, respect you, encourage you, laugh with you and cry with you for all the days of my life. Ben I want to love you and treat you right every day and every night. I hope you know I’m 100 percent ready for marriage and I’m so happy I found you. I want you to know that I’m in love with you.

11. Their overnight date

In Switzerland, Ben handicapped his final three and said of Courtney, “There’s some kind of weird magical force that just kind of pulls us together and it works.” Courtney is “extremely unique” and “a little nerdy” and unlike anyone he’s ever met. She’s exciting and spontaneous and has a rebellious side. They have a chemistry that’s unlike anything he’s felt in his entire life. But he was concerned about how she treated the other women. They talked about it and she apologized to him, even though they both knew he wasn't the one who needed the apology. (Hence her appearance on the “Women Tell All”). They played "Hey, cow" — which was suitably weird — but Ben said he used to play that game with his sister, and earlier in the season, when Ben talked to his sister Julia in San Francisco, he even mentioned Courtney specifically as someone his sister would probably get along with. At the end of the date, Ben said "I feel good about us" and Courtney said Ben was the best thing that ever happened to her. Then Kacie B. returned to “warn” Ben about Courtney. Though that caused some doubt and worry, he decided to follow his heart and gave her a rose, making her one of the final two.

12. And then the finale happened

During the Bachelor Season 16 finale, Ben and Courtney took a romantic outdoor picnic along the snowy Alps. He cooked food for them both, then reminded her to kiss the chef. Cute, right? She later confessed that she felt like she could really trust him... something she hadn't really experienced with a man before. Courtney got the chance to meet Ben's mother, Barb, and sister, Julia. Though skeptical of Courtney at first, both Barb and Julia were totally won over by the end of their time with her. The family approves!

Then, it's was time for the final rose. Courtney flew in on a helicopter. Ben waved at her from the ground. Once they were together on the mountain, he told her she took his breath away. He said he feels like he could see himself with her for the rest of his life. "You are my forever," he told her. She grinned from ear to ear, and even started laughing. He got down on one knee and proposed. But did she say yes?

"Yes, of course I will. I love you so much!" she replied. Aww.


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