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Heather Morris’s Naked Photos: Do You Think They’re Real or Fake?

Late Sunday night, the internetz exploded as news spread of another celeb getting their phone hacked – and this time it was our dear Heather Morris (Brittany)!

Now, the scandalous shots – some innocent, and some a little less so – have everybody wondering if they are legit or not. On the one hand, we have a hard time imagining celebs still letting this happen, and think it’s totally possible that the pics – whether all or just a few – are fake-outs.

But on the other hand? If we were in the business of crafting fake nude shots of a celeb to make a quick buck, we wouldn’t necessarily have Heather Morris at the top of our priority list (no offense to HeMo, of course, but we imagine a higher profile actress might be have a bigger price tag, right?) And, uhhh, that costume from the “Britney/Brittany” ep looks like the real deal…


Then again, Heather’s face isn’t even visible in many of the full frontal shots. Plenty of people have blond hair. Who’s to say for sure that the girl in the picture even her? Even in the more explicit photos where Heather’s face is visible, there are many signs of potential photoshopping. From weird angles, to slightly larger-than-usual heads – we’re certainly not ruling out the chance that the images are fakes.

We’ve seen the photos here, and we still can’t decide. Help us out by puttin’ on your sleuthin’ hats & tell us what YOU think!

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03.13.2012 / 12:29 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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